Green plants

  • Probably one of the most common colours of plant in the world, due to the chlorophyll in most plants giving it a green colouring. Shades of green in plants are as varied as any other colour and you can have tones ranging from deep jade to light mint.

    One of the most well-known green plants is aloe, which is used in countless beauty and medicinal products around the world. Plants that grow vegetables also fall into this category, with popular ones such as asparagus and spring onion grown in gardens everywhere.

    Here below a list of green plants by botanical name and common name:

    adiantum, maidenhair fern
    alocasia, elephant’s ear plant, taro
    aloe, Barbados aloe, medicine plant, true aloe
    anigozanthos, kangaroo paw
    anthurium, painter’s palette, flamingo flower
    asparagus, ming fern (a. densiflorus)
    asplenium, birds nest fern
    beaucarnia (nolina), elephant’s foot, ponytail plant
    blechnum gibbum, tree fern
    calathea makoyana, cathedral windows
    calathea zebrine, zebra plant
    capsicum, ornamental pepper
    ceropegia woodii, rosary vine
    chamaedorea, parlour palm
    chlorophytum, spider plant
    codiaeum, Joseph’s coat, croton
    cordyline, mountain cabbage tree
    crassula, money tree, jade plant
    cryptanthus, earth star
    ctenanthe, never-never plant
    cymbidium, cymbidium orchid
    cyperus, papyrus
    dieffenbachia, dumbcane
    dionaea, venus fly trap
    dracaena fragrans, corn lily, dracena
    dracaena marginata, dragon tree
    dracaena reflexa, song of India
    epipremnum (= scindapsus), pothos
    euphorbia trigona, tree euphorbia
    ficus benjamina, weeping fig
    ficus elastic, rubber plant
    ficus lyrata, fiddle-leaf fig
    ficus pumila, creeping fig
    fittonia, snakeskin plant
    heptapleurum (chefflera), umbrella plant
    hedera, ivy
    hypoestes, polkadot plant
    monstera, swiss cheese plant
    musa, banana
    nephrolepis, boston fern, sword f., fishbone f.
    nolina recurvata (beaucarnia), ponytail palm, elephant’s foot
    opuntia, bunny’s ear cactus
    peperomia, green-ripple plant
    philodendron scandens, sweetheart vine
    philodendron selloum, lacy philodendron
    phoenix, date palm
    platycerium, staghorn fern, elkhorn fern
    rhipsalis cassutha, mistletoe cactus
    sanseveria, mother-in-law’s tongue
    sarracenia, pitcher plant
    schefflera (heptapleurum), umbrella plant
    sedum, stonecrop
    syngonium, goosefoot plant
    tolmiea, piggyback plant
    tradescantia, wandering jew

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