Following are Results of Cold Storage Experiment in Fruits

The following are results of cold storage experiment carried out at the Ganesh Khind Fruit Experiment Station, Pune. (G.K.F.E.S, Pune).


Green fruits of Alphonso picked when the shoulder have outgrowth the stem can be stored at 40 0F to 48 0F for 4 to 7 weeks. The ripe fruits cannot be presented in cold storage.


Fully matured fruit which is just developing a tinge of yellow colour develops uniform orange colour and improve colour and flavour of the juice when stored 52 0F for two weeks. After the fruits have assumed a fully ripe colour, it can be stored a further period of 3 months without any deterioration in appearance of the fruit.


Fruits can be stored at 52 0F for 3 months and for 5 months at 40 0F , but at letter temperature there is no favourable change in colour and there is also the possibility of the fruit developing a pitting of the skin which affects the market quality.


The blood-red malta can be kept in good condition at 40 0 F for 4 months without any deterioration. The bigger fruits are better suited for storage than smaller.


Kagzi limes can be stored for two months at 52 0F they should be kept in partially closed tins. At lower temperature (400F) the fruits become chilled and begin to rot within 15 days.


Ripe fruit can be stored good condition for 6 weeks at 32 0F and 35 0F, unripe fruit becomes chilled below 52 0F but ripens satisfactory at 52 – 56 0 F in five weeks.

Source: agrinfo

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