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Nursery layout varies as per the types of plants to be raised, the facilities to be provided, and the topography of the site chiefly in the case of nursery established on terraced land. While constructing nursery, site should be surveyed and demarcated and then all the trees , shrubs and stumps are to be cleared. After clearance, lay out of nursery is designed. Terraces should be constructed and leveled to design specific size of beds.

In designing the layout of a nursery, there should be paths in between nursery beds for holding seed trays and for inspection. Stand-out beds for seedlings in polypots. A water distribution system, including a storage tank, areas for storing soil and making compost, and a store for tools and materials, which can also serve as an office and shelter for the nursery foreman) are needed. In some places, it is necessary to dig drains.

Space should be left in nursery for stumps or bare-root transplants. Depending on the nature of nurseries, there should be a shade house in which seedlings are pricked out. The whole nursery should be surrounded by a stock-proof fence or stone wall to reduce the costs of damages done by cattle or others. The shape of the nurseries should be as nearly as square as is practicable.

Similarly, a seed store, garage for machineries, etc are to be arranged. Before constructing the nurseries, a detailed plan should be prepared whether those different items are available or not, otherwise all the labor and expenditures will go in vain.

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