Best Flowers for Cutting

A fresh cut flower arrangement can make all the difference in a home, but buying cut flowers can get costly. One of the many joys of a flower garden is the fresh flowers you have at your disposal to cut and bring indoors for arrangements. Although a wide variety of flowers can be utilized for this purpose, here are five of my favorites that you may want to consider for your garden this year.


This bright, native beauty is commonly found in gardens for both looks and the edible seeds. The sunflower’s long stalk makes it perfect for displaying alone in a tall vase. These often come in a golden yellow shade, but there are more colors available in many seed catalogs including red and white.

2. Lily

Some varieties of lilies, including the “Star Gazer,” are often found in flower shops. Their graceful petals come in lots of different shades, so you can likely find one in a color that will complement your interior design. Even better, most varieties have strong and sweet fragrances.

3. Bachelor’s Button

These annual flowers were traditionally grown in cottage gardens and can bring a country cottage look to your home. Blooms come in purple, pink, white, and blue and are easy to grow. If you choose the Bachelor’s Button, you can expect flowers to cut from summer to fall.

4. Peony

The peony plant is easy to grow, and it will likely last a long time. Its blossoms form bush-like clusters that can be cut in late spring and early summer. Like the lily, peonies have a nice fragrance that matches their beauty.

5. Coreopsis

Being a wildflower, coreopsis is one of the easiest flowers to grow. This flower can thrive in nearly any soil. It has long stems with bright golden blossoms that are a perfect substitute for daisies in arrangements.

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