Asian Pears


The Asian Pear is quite different than its European relative.

Common Name: Asian Pears
Scientific Name: Pyrus species
Family: Rosaceae (the Rose family)

Asian Pears can be russeted and light brown or clear and yellow.

Common Species:

  • Chinese Pear, Nashi Pear, Sand Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia)
  • Siberian Pear, Harbin Pear (Pyrus ussuriensis)
  • Chinese White Pear, Ya Pear (Pyrus x bretschneideris)

Asian Pears are not nearly as common in the West as their closely related cousin, the European Pear, but they are quickly gaining in popularity. They ­are typically round (apple-shaped), although the Chinese White Pear is more “pear”-shaped.  Asian Pears are more similar to an apple in texture and a cross between an apple and European Pear in flavor. They are at their best when picked ripe. All you need is to taste a perfectly ripe Asian Pear, and you will make room for it in your Forest Garden.

There are three types of Asian pears.

  • Round or roundish-flat fruit with green to yellow skin
  • Round or roundish-flat fruit with yellow to brown skin and bronze to gold russet (little dots)
  • Pear-shaped with green skin or brown skin and bronze russet

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