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Water Logging

  • File:KinderdijkMolens02.jpgCondition of land in which the sub-soil water table is located at on near the sub-surface

    Norms and Ministry of Water Resources Govt. of India:

    1. Water logged areas- Water tables within 2m from land surface. 
    2. Potential area from water logging- Water table between 2-3m from land surface. 
    3. Safe areas- Water table below 3 m from land surface.

    Norms of Classifying Water Logged Areas:

    1. Pre- Monsoon (April /May) depth of water table. 
    2. Post-Monsoon (Oct/Nov) depth of water table.
    3. Average WT depth over a season or year.
    4. Sum of exceedances of water days above a specified water table. Out of these first and second approachable are more realistic.

    Critical Areas for Water Logging:

    WT 2-3 m (Pre-monsoon) 
    WT 1-2m (Post-monsoon)

    Potential Area for Wheat Logging:

    WT within 3-5 m from the soil surface during pre-monsoon are a considered potential.


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