Water Conservation in the Pakistan



Nature is very kind to every living organism. It bestows a lot of things to all living beings.  Different kind of foods, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and milk products etc. given to all. But among all these are the most precious and essential is water.  None of living organism, either it is unicellular, multicellular or plant or animal or human being survives without it. Everyone needs it. In whole globe 70% is water and 30% is land. Even it is excess but it is challenge for the global village that use it carefully. Use of it is not just for a single generation it is for all existing bodies. It is not just our present demand it is demand of coming hundreds and thousands generations. We can say that without life cannot exsist.it is not just a molecule of H2O, rather it is life. Its sustainability improves the life style and prevent everyone from diseases and harmful effects that it cause when deplete .it is vital for every form of life.no, doubt it is a mega dare scenario in world that who we conserve the water.in Pakistan as usual energy crises is important, this water conservation is also important.to preserve this water not just water fresh water for other existing life and future demand everybody play its role. We have to overcome the water we depleting by flow our effluents in to the sea or rivers. The industries through its highly toxic enriched water in to the fresh water are the main cause of water depleting. Females wash their clothes near to the streams also pollute the running water with soap or detergent chemicals. High use of pesticide and agrochemical and fertilizers in agriculture also depleting water table very rapidly.as usual every person care its own possessions, he has to play his role to save life through saving or water conservation. All over the world, global completions or meetings or conferences held every month on the “water conservation”, “water utilization”, “water use efficiency”, “water management” and many more title with water.in arid areas where there is no irrigation water it has seen that peoples till the soil before the rain so that rain water store in the root zone for longer period of time and maximum plant utilize the water from it. Many different farms are running with the fish farming and cropping so that fishes are also rare on the farm in the same piece of land where the crops are grown. It is also a water management technique. A lot of farms are in the Pakistan which are irrigated by different water conservation techniques like drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. On some .in some areas of Pakistan water harvesting technique is used in which maximum water of rain come at the roof is harvested in different drums which further used for different domestic or commercial uses. Different automatic water pipes are installed in many places which is beneficial in such a sense that tap only run at that time when it find something below it. By using different mulches on the soil evaporation also reduced and water is conserved in the soil for maximum time. Proper Irrigation scheduling is also a water conservation technique. Proper laser land leveling enhances the water conservation. countering (across the slope growing of crops) and terracing are also useful methods of water conservation in most of hilly areas of Pakistan.it is also found that bund making also help in water conservation. Fields are always remaining with cover crop for its conservation. It is also a good technique. If there is found that less water is available then zero tillage is used to raise the crops as wheat in cotton. Minimum tillage also helpful in water conservation. Many other practices also involve in water conservation. But at the government level efforts should be done for its improvement and access to every person in the community. Government should also make such strategies, laws for water storage or water conservation so that every person in society do not use excess water or relay on that amount which he needs. For water conservation strategies at different government level (federal or provincial) such campaigns should be run so a maximum people come to know why and how we have to conserve water. If nature blessed us water then we also have to prevent or conserve it. Do not leave flow of tap if u any one not using it. During shaving, brushing, washing utensils do not leave tap flow on. Try to off the tap when u is not on the tap. Do not water a lot to gardens or lawns. Use water efficiently at every level is the duty of every human being for his or sustainability of nature.

Written by.

Ali Raza Asif, Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Anjum, Dr. Nadeem Akbar, Dr. Imran Khan, Iftikhar Ali

Agro-biology Laboratory, Department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 38040, Pakistan


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