Historical Development in Micro Irrigation

The basic idea under lying drip irrigation can be traced to experiments in Germany in 1860. Farmers laid clay pipes with open joints about 0.8 meters below the surface of soil in efforts to combine irrigation and drainage as the water table raise and fall during year. The first work in drip irrigation in the United States was a study by house in Colorado in 1913.

An important break through was made in Germany in 1920 when perforated pipe drip irrigation was introduced. In the state of Victoria, Australia 1930 a system of irrigation with 5cm galvanized iron pipes used in peach garden.

During the early 1940, Sumcha Blasé an Israeli Engineer observed that a larger tree near the leaking water supply pipe exhibited a more vigorous growth than the other trees in the area.

This led him to the concept of an irrigation system that would apply was drop by drop to plants.

Drip irrigation pipes came to be sold outside Israel in 1969 on a commercial venture.

Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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