Definition and Concept of Micro Irrigation


Definition of Micro Irrigation:

It can be defined as the application of water at low volume and frequent interval under low pressure to plant root zone.

Concept of Micro Irrigation:

Besides the land, water also an important factor in the progress of Agriculture. In vast country like India with a geographical area of 328 million hectares less than 45% area is cultivated of this cultivated area only 35% i.e. 65 million ha gets irrigation.

Since water is the limiting factor today, we must utilize it properly and maximum benefit can take as possible as India is second largest country in world according to population, 1202 million.

The expansion of area under irrigation is essential for obtaining increased agriculture production required to feed India’s growing population.

The expansion could be done only by additional development conservation and efficient management of the available water resources i.e. use of micro-irrigation means application of optimum water according to plant requirement. This could be achieved by introducing advanced and sophisticated methods of irrigation viz. drip irrigation, sprinkler, etc.


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