Classification of Salt Affected Soils

Saline Soil:

Contains soluble salts, mostly chlorides and sulphates of sodium, calcium and magnesium in quantities sufficient to interfere with the physiological activities of most crop plants. The soil PH of saturation extract is 8.5 , Ec > 4 ds/m , ESP> 15.

Saline Sodic Soil:

Saline sodic soil is a soil with sufficient exchangeable sodium to interfere with the growth of most crops plants and containing appreciable quantities of soluble salts. 

Alkali Soils:

Alkali soils contain salt dominated by bicarbonates or have sufficient exchangeable sodium to interfere with physiological activities of most crop. The PH of alkali soils is > 8.5 Ec > 4 ds/m and ESP>15.

Classification of Salt Affected Soils:





Local Names

Saline soil




Thur, Vippu, Lona, Soula, Khama and Kari

Saline Alkali Soil




Usar, Kallar, Kari, Chopan, Bari, Reh, Choudv, Kshar and Fougu.

Alkali Soils



> 8.5

Usar, Rakkar


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