Benefits of Drainage System

1. Drainage Provides a Better Environment for Plant Growth:

The excess water which impedes the root respiration and which directly attacks the root tissue of most crops is removed.

2. Increased Microbial Decomposition:

The presence of air in soil is essential for the growth of beneficial soil bacteria which converts the soil organic matter and fertilizers into available plant food.

3. Drainage Improves Physical Properties of the Soil:

It improves soil structure and also infiltration capacity of soil is increased. Higher infiltration capacity reduces erosion.

4. Drainage Maintains Proper Soil Temperature :

The removal of free water by drainage allows the soil to warm up quickly. Proper soil temperature accelerates plant growth and bacterial activity conditions for early planting and better germination.

5. Drainage Promotes Increased Leaching:

Drainage promotes increased leaching of salts and prevents their accumulation in soil.

6. Less time of Labour Requirement:

Less time and fewer labours are required for tillage operation in well drained soil.

7. Better Root System:

The ability to grow an extensive root system means that the plant has a larger volume of soil, from which it extracts nutrient and water.

8. Crop damage at harvest time due to wet ground is prevented.

9. Reduce Soil Erosion:

Since, a well drained soil has more capacity to hold rainfall, resulting in less runoff.

10. Removes Toxic Substances:

Due to proper drainage toxic salts are removed from root zone.


Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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