Best Flowers for Cutting
Heather DuchanBest Flowers for Cutting

A fresh cut flower arrangement can make all the difference in a home, but buying cut flowers can get costly. One of the many joys of a flower garden is the fresh flowers you have at your disposal to cut and bring indoors for arrangements. Although a wide v [ ... ]

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Magnetic Bacteria Could Build 'Bio-Computers’...
Jesse EmspakMagnetic Bacteria Could Build 'Bio-Computers’

A species of bacteria that eats iron and turns it into magnetic particles could one day build your computer’s memory.Researchers at the University of Leeds have capitalized on the natural ability of the bacterium,gnetospirillum magneticum, to eat atom- [ ... ]

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Buffalo Breeds in Pakistan
Bakhat B.KhanBuffalo Breeds in Pakistan

  There are three types of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) of the old world: Cape buffalo of Africa, water buffalo of the Near and Middle East, and Swamp or marsh buffalo of the Far East. These types differ from each other in outward appearance, habits, and te [ ... ]

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Role of agriculture on Pakistan Economy
Muhammad Omer AfzalRole of agriculture on Pakistan Economy

Agriculture plays an important role in the national economy of Pakistan, where most of the rapidly increasing population resides in rural areas and depends on agriculture for subsistence. Biotechnology has considerable potential for promoting the efficienc [ ... ]

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MIRI Method Reduces Water Use In Rice Field T...
sciencedailyMIRI Method Reduces Water Use In Rice Field Tests

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and cooperating scientists are studying a system that, in rice field tests, cuts water use by 24 percent.Rice, one of the world’s most important foods, is a labor-intensive crop that also requires plenty of water. Ofte [ ... ]

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Role of seed in crop production
Mr. Shafi NazirRole of seed in crop production

Seed plays a key role in increasing food and fibre production to meet the increasing demands of the people, and is a focus around which strategies to boost crop yields can be built. Silvey (1981) estimated that wheat yields in England and Wales increase [ ... ]

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Bacteria Can 'Fertilize' Copper-Polluted Soil
ScienceDailyBacteria Can 'Fertilize' Copper-Polluted Soil

Now, however, Ramakrishna Wusirika's research team may have discovered how to make plants grow in the mine-waste desert and soak up some copper while they are at it. Wusirika, a biological sciences professor at Michigan Technological University, began h [ ... ]

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Crop biofortification
Fahim NawazCrop biofortification

A GROWTH rate of 1.2 per cent was estimated in the agriculture sector of the country during 2010-11 with a significant increase in staple food crops like wheat, maize and sugarcane. These crops are grown to feed the country’s ever increasing population w [ ... ]

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Impact on Rice-Wheat Production System (WTO ...
Waqar Akhtar andDr Muhammad SharifImpact on Rice-Wheat Production System  (WTO Agreement)

With the inception of World Trade Organisation (WTO) on January 1, 1995 Pakistan along with other member countries endorsed an Agreement on Agriculture (AoA), bringing agriculture into the purview of the global trading system. Member countries committed to [ ... ]

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Pakistani cotton scientist declared the world...

The Faisalabad-based scientist played a key role in bringing together the world’s major cotton groups, including Australia, China, UK and USA, for the purpose of conducting joint research. Heading the National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic  [ ... ]

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