Cotton: a rich source of lint, oil and by- pr...
Muhammad Ahmad and Azra YasminCotton: a rich source of lint, oil and by- products

Cotton is one of the major fiber crops of global importance. Despite the increasing production of synthetic fiber or man made fiber, cotton retains its reputation as “Queen of the fiber plants”. Cotton lint and other byproducts are used in a variet [ ... ]

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Olive: Standardization of Propagation Techniq...

Olive (Olea europea) is a good source of high quality edible oil which contains ployphenols, vitamin E and other natural antioxidants. Though cultivated species of olive are rare in occurrence, wild olives are common in northern areas of Pakistan, indica [ ... ]

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Biologists Slow the Aging Process in Fruit Fl...
ScienceDailyBiologists Slow the Aging Process in Fruit Flies: Study Has Implications for Humans

  UCLA life scientists have identified a gene that slows the aging process. The biologists, working with fruit flies, activated a gene called PGC-1, which increases the activity of mitochondria, the tiny power generators in cells that control cell growth  [ ... ]

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Groundnut; a crop for subsistence in edible o...
Rizwan Ali Sheirdil, Ahmad MahmoodGroundnut; a crop for subsistence in edible oil production in Pakistan

There is a major gap in utilization and production of edible oil in Pakistan so edible oil is a major import commodity in Pakistan trade and has adverse effects on the economy of Pakistan (Economic survey 2010-11, Ali et al.). Pakistan imported about  [ ... ]

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Mango phenological growth cycle
Hadi LaghariMango phenological growth cycle

In Pakistan, Mango Export Via Sea have become a serious challenge....Pakistani mangoes so far are not meeting to quality standards of the higher end value retail super markets of the world.....and fetching the lowest price/kg....Out of 18,00,000 tons..only [ ... ]

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Monsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Found i...
Mike BarrettMonsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested

A recent study conducted by a German university found very high concentrations of Glyphosate, a carcinogenic chemical found in herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup, inall urine samples tested. The amount of glyphosate found in the urine was staggering, [ ... ]

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MIRI Method Reduces Water Use In Rice Field T...
sciencedailyMIRI Method Reduces Water Use In Rice Field Tests

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and cooperating scientists are studying a system that, in rice field tests, cuts water use by 24 percent.Rice, one of the world’s most important foods, is a labor-intensive crop that also requires plenty of water. Ofte [ ... ]

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Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one o...
Ethan A. Huff,Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world's wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture

After it was exposed that theBill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the philanthropic brainchild ofMicrosoftfounder Bill Gates, purchased 500,000 shares inMonsantoback in 2010 valued at more than $23 million, it became abundantly clear that this so-called benevo [ ... ]

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Monitoring agriculture with remote sensing
Muhammad Ahmad, Muhammad Atif Majeed & Dr Rabia HaoualaMonitoring agriculture with remote sensing

REMOTE sensing is the science (and to some extent an art) of acquiring information about the earth’s surface without actually being in contact with it. This is done by sensing and recording reflected or emitted energy and processing, analysing, a [ ... ]

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Environmental hazards of pesticides
M. Saleem & Dr M. Arshad

ABOUT 25 million agricultural workers in developing countries suffer from pesticide poisoning each year that includes a significant number of women, says the World Health Organization (WHO). Most of the applied pesticides in these countries have been class [ ... ]

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