Reducing Food-borne Illness: Gut Health
thepoultrysite.comReducing Food-borne Illness: Gut Health

Genes and genetic pathways involved in the intestinal health of chickens and pigs are described and genome-wide prediction tools for intestinal health are defined in the final scientific report from the EU group, Sustainable Animal Breeding (SABRE) subtitl [ ... ]

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Examining Rice Genes for Rice Blast Resistanc...
ScienceDailyExamining Rice Genes for Rice Blast Resistance

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists have characterized the molecular mechanism behind some plants' ability to resist rice blast, a fungal disease that affects cereal grain crops such as rice, wheat, rye and barley and can cause yield losses of [ ... ]

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Objectives of cultivar improvement
Crop Production By Mr. Shafi NazirObjectives of cultivar improvement

Breeders and agronomists have certain objectives in mind for crop improvement These objectives are to: Evolve cuItivars with increased yield by obtaining the optimum combination of yield components such as number of reproductive units per unit area, numb [ ... ]

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Olive: Standardization of Propagation Techniq...

Olive (Olea europea) is a good source of high quality edible oil which contains ployphenols, vitamin E and other natural antioxidants. Though cultivated species of olive are rare in occurrence, wild olives are common in northern areas of Pakistan, indica [ ... ]

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Major Crops of Pakistan
Crop Production By Mr. Shafi NazirMajor Crops of Pakistan

In pakistan, farm production is dominated by a few crops which account for almost 60 percent of GDP from agriculture. Cropping systems vary widely because of variations in agro-climatic and soil conditions. Wheat is the major winter crop in all regions  [ ... ]

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Living Under the Shadow of Pesticides and Ant...
http://www.thecropsite.comLiving Under the Shadow of Pesticides and Antibiotics

ANALYSIS - In the livestock sectors there has been great concern recently over the use of antibiotics both as therapeutic measures and also as growth promoters, writes Chris Harris. The concerns arise out of the fears over a build-up of antibiotic resista [ ... ]

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Amazing Facts about Pakistan and Buffalo: Hid...
Agha SaiddainAmazing Facts about Pakistan and Buffalo: Hide Industry in Pakistan

Pakistan situated in Asia having human population of 170 Million with livestock population of 153.300 Million has its boarders with China, India, Afghanistan, and Iran. Historically, it has been among one of the oldest River Civilizations of the world. Tra [ ... ]

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Machine uses artificial vision to detect rott...
Katia MoskvitchMachine uses artificial vision to detect rotten oranges

A machine that uses artificial vision and UV rays to scan through citrus fruits and get rid of rotten ones has been developed in Spain. Usually the inspection is done manually in dark rooms, also using UV light.But this type of light can harm workers' eye [ ... ]

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Sewage sludge and organic composts
Ahmad Mahmood, Department of Agronomy, Pir Mehr Ali Shah-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi

Sludge refers to the residual, semi-solid material left from industrial waste water or sewage treatment processes. It is a mixture of water and solids separated from various types of water as a result of natural or artificial processes.Sewage sludge: sludg [ ... ]

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Sorghum: a valuable forage crop
Muhammad Amjad Ali

Major fodder crops grown during winter include berseem, lucerne, alfalfa, oats and barley, while during summer these comprise of maize, sorghum, millet, cowpeas, jantur etc. These crops cover 16 to 19% of the total cropped area in the country. Total are [ ... ]

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