Revamping ZTBL Operations Part-I
Shaukat Masood Zafar

Zarai Taraqiate Bank Limited (Former Agricultural Development Bank) was at times the leading source of institutional agricultural credit in the country and it helped well boosting agricultural production in the country for decades. Technological innovatio [ ... ]

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Rameez Hassan, Muhammad Waqas Azam, Ahmad Mahmood

3. SARMAST (S-59-1):  This cultivar was also evolved in ARI, Tandojam (Sindh). It was released in 1975 particularly for the Khairpur and Sukkar districts of Sindh. Its yield and other qualities are similar to that o Qallandri. 4. NIAB-86 : I [ ... ]

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The legalized killing of every person on eart...
Jonathan LandsmanThe legalized killing of every person on earth (with pesticides)

The greatest threat to human health
Your life literally depends on a clean, healthy intestinal tract. Naturally, the use of pesticides, herbicides or other toxic chemicals on our food supply should not be allowed - right? Yet, a chemical-producing corporat [ ... ]

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Goat Breeds In Punjab
Bakhat B.KhanGoat Breeds In Punjab

Like sheep, goats also belong to the family Bovidae. The genus Capra comprises the domestic goats. The species Capra hircus denotes the true goat. Some goat breeds grow long hair coats, while others do not. Similarly, goats of some breeds are fairly good m [ ... ]

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Which Direction Are Herbicides Heading?
ScienceDailyWhich Direction Are Herbicides Heading?

2,4-D is coming back. What many might consider a "dinosaur" may be the best solution for growers fighting weed resistance today, said Dean Riechers, University of Illinois associate professor of weed physiology.  

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Grain Storage Problems in Pakistan
Dr. Shamsuddin TunioGrain Storage Problems in Pakistan

A serious issue to the Government all over the country for safe storage under hygienic conditions Pakistan is facing grain storage problems at large scale throughout the country, due to either traditional methods of seed storage or short of commercial grai [ ... ]

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How Plants Make Cocaine
sciencedailyHow Plants Make Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most commonly used (and abused) plant-derived drugs in the world, but we have almost no modern information on how plants produce this complex alkaloid. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany, h [ ... ]

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Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden
Betty Jakum ,Adams County Master GardenerPlanting a Fall Vegetable Garden

You may think that early August is a terrible time to be thinking about planting a vegetable garden; but if you want to harvest late plantings of cool weather vegetables, now is the time to get these seeds in the ground. WHAT TO PLANT In general, vegetable [ ... ]

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Farm Machinery: Mobile Seed Processing Unit Machinery:  Mobile Seed Processing Unit

Quality seed is essential for profitable crop production. Crop production can be increased by 10-20% by using seed, which is viable, free from weeds seed and diseases. Currently, 16% of wheat seed, 18% of paddy seed, 8% of pulses seed and 11% of vegeta [ ... ]

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Need to change priorities in agriculture
Muhammad Ramzan RafiqueNeed to change priorities in agriculture

It is time to change and reshape the existing landscape of agriculture. Traditional Pakistani growers grow few selected varieties of few selected crops. As wheat and cotton are most common in crop rotation. All agricultural scientists agree that proper [ ... ]

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