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Pak Agri Outlook

Deforestation vs. nature: The winner might surprise you

Added On 14-04-2015

Deforestation vs. nature: The winner might surprise you

For decades, we’ve been hearing about how the world’s forests are under attack, how the equivalent of "36 football fields of...

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Added On 12-04-2015


Deforestation, clearance or clearing is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted...

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Commercialisation of agriculture

Added On 12-04-2015

Commercialisation of agriculture

Crop prices are falling, as opposed to the rising cost of farm inputs. This is eroding farmers’ earnings and savings...

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Agrihunt Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony-2015 - 6
Agrihunt Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony-2015 - 5
Agrihunt Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony-2015 - 4
Agrihunt Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony-2015 - 3
Agrihunt Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony-2015-2
Agrihunt Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony-2015 - 1
Agrihunt Team get together on 5-3-2015
Agrihunt get together on 5-3-2015
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World Kitchen Garden Day-2014
Agrihunt Flood Relief. Operation-2k14.

Agri News

Zero rated imports of doubtful Halal meat: 'government should provide level-playing field to domestic processors'

"The federal government should provide level playing field to domestic processors of poultry meat that are disadvantaged by subsidised and zero rated imports of doubtful Halal meat from Malaysia while...

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Asian sugar: Thai premiums fall as most mills, traders reluctant to sell

Premiums for Thai raw sugar fell after most producers and traders appeared reluctant to offer the sweetener despite a jump in global prices, dealers said. On Wednesday, global sugar prices...

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Premium for old-crop CBOT soya shrinks

A sharp drop in demand for US soyabeans will erode the long-held price premium of old-crop Chicago Board of Trade soyabean contracts, as dominant buyer China turns to abundant new-crop...

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US FOB Gulf soyabean offers firm

Export premiums for soyabeans shipped from the US Gulf Coast were firm on Friday on tight supplies of old-crop beans in the export pipeline and improved demand for near term...

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European vegoils prices steady on early deals

A further drop in palm oil prices triggered some early deals on Europe's vegetable oils market on Friday before prices steadied and discouraged buyers. Palm products were initially offered lower...

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US farmers take a gamble with belt-tightening as incomes slide

Bracing for their leanest season in eight years, US farmers are skimping on everything from machinery to fertilizers, betting that they can go down-market and yet maintain crop production and...

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Fertilizer Industry

Scientists respond to overuse …

Scientists respond to overuse of agricultural chemicals by genetically engineering crops to produce their own fertilizer

A couple of researchers from the University of Alberta (U-A) in Canada say they have come up with a novel...

Manmade wetlands can help redu…

Manmade wetlands can help reduce agricultural fertilizer pollution by up to 50%

While nitrates are expected in agricultural farming -- anywhere pesticides and fertilizers are used, they are absorbed into the roots...

Planting flowers alongside cro…

Planting flowers alongside crops improves bee populations and environmental health

By planting strips of flowers along the edges of their fields, farmers can not only attract more pollinating bees but...

Pesticide Industry

Pollinator Plan: Obama Commits…

Pollinator Plan: Obama Commits to Saving Declining Honey Bees

The White House announced Friday its commitment to saving the mysteriously declining honeybee population, putting a task force of federally-backed...

Pesticide Use Around Pets

Pesticide Use Around Pets

People often use pesticides in their homes or yards to control a variety of pests such as insects, weeds and...

Pesticides and the Environment

Pesticides and the Environment

The environment includes all of the living and non-living things that surround us, including the air, water, plants, soil and...

Breeding and Genetics

Do People Expect Too Much From…

Do People Expect Too Much From DNA Data?

Sequencing is definitely becoming cheaper and more accessible. One can sequence a couple of full genomes today for less than...

Online Platforms to Share Medi…

Online Platforms to Share Medical Data Launch

Two online tools that aim to recruit volunteers to freely share their genetic and health data with researchers and Facebook...

CRISPR–Enabled Epigenome Editi…

CRISPR–Enabled Epigenome Editing

An enzyme borrowed from the CRISPR/Cas genome-editing system can be used to modify epigenetic marks to flip on gene enhancers...