How to find a dream job??

learn how to hunt for your dream job especially in the wake of current financial crisis. As a student, you can start looking for a job before graduation

There is economic crunch globally and Pakistan has its fare share of problems including economic instability. Economic crises directly affect job market. Finding a reasonable job in Pakistan is not bed of roses, but still following some rules and adapting a good strategy will land you a good job in few months of time. Like every other activity, searching for a job also has its basic rules and regulations, which if followed wisely can be very beneficial to you.

Is job search a process or one step thing?

Job-hunting is a process comprising following steps:

  •  Job Search: Job search is done with or without experience. You have two options when you look for a job. First, according to your professional qualification which defines your career line, e.g., if you have studied medicine, it means you can become a professional doctor, four years of education in IT makes you an IT professional.  You can look for a job professionally, but if you have studied IT for four to six years but you want to be a fashion designer or jewelry maker then you have to look for other options as well. You can study other successful people who changed career lines. You can even create your own business but, of course, you need not only to do a lot of homework on your part but also convince people around you (mainly family) .You must also keep in mind that even if you look for a job according to your career line (with relevant educational achievements), the companies might not be looking for the same thing, they sometime only want hard working and honest people so you keep your fingers crossed and options open.
  • Resume: resume science has changed a lot in past couple of years. First basic rule is that it has to be specific, not general anymore. If you want to apply for let’s say ten different companies, you should have ten different resumes emphasizing your skills in different resumes keeping in view the demands of these different organizations. Keep in mind that each company is different and you can’t change your qualification but alter it according to each one. It can also be done with your personal statement and your goals/objectives. for further details, you can study more articles on creating resumes and cover letters on our website.
  • Interview: it is a last step but not the least, it is the most deciding factor in getting to your dream job. You must prepare for it before hand, express yourself in an articulate manner, Prepare your answers and if necessary write them down and rehearse before interview.

What kinds of jobs are available in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, three trends prevail:

  • Public Sector/Government jobs (Favorite of our people);
  •  Private sector jobs in national and multinational organizations; and
  • Project based and assignment based contract jobs, e.g., NGOs and development sector projects jobs

When is the right time to look for a job?

Timing is the deciding factor in winning in any situation (like baking a cake) and in finding a job it has to be spot on .You enter a college or university exactly knowing the time you will complete your degree. Five or six months prior to completion of your degree, you can plan your first step, search the companies, jobs, ask people around you for references, make resume etc. If you already have a job, just don not rely on it forever and keep looking for better option and switch the job when the time is right.

Should I just look for a job, for the sake of job or is there something else to it?

You should not be recklessly putting your resume in every company that comes in your way, you must also keep in mind your life priorities and preferences. For example, if you are a girl from a conservative back ground and you have applied for job in a five star hotel and land a job in front office where you have to wear western style uniform and handshakes are part of service. If these things are in clash of your values then doing such kind of job would be of no use, as it will be a source of stress to you rather than a place of great learning. It is very important to know for yourself also and be sure what kind of job and environment you want before applying for it.

I am fresh graduate from a prestigious university, because of lack of on-campus recruitment culture in our country what are job-searching tools for me?

Old fashioned but the greatest way is Sunday classified in any newspaper. Second tool is your references, your social network, e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. There are highly reliable job boards/ websites available on net which specifically deals with Pakistan job market, for example, ,  , .

Is it inevitable to start at the bottom level?

Yes, it is not only the right process but also healthy for your growth as a professional. Everyone, no matter how super their GPA might be and how genius they are, must begin at a junior level to be promoted to positions of seniority. It should always be taken as positive thing.

How can I utilize my time in between applying a job and getting one?

Companies like motivated and hardworking individuals. So after applying for a job, just don’t sit idle and wait for an interview call. You can update yourself by enrolling in short skill-developing programs or you can get a short internship. You can also do some volunteer work. This not only will keep you positive but also helps you beef up your resume.

I do not have any experience, what can I do about it?

Inexperience can be utilized positively in your resume as well as in the interview, You can always portray yourself as a hard working, enthusiastic, motivated and open to new challenge, and willing to learn new skills related to your work which can be beneficial for the company you are applying for.

How can job be searched without completing education first?

When writing a resume with incomplete education/degree, you must avoid using this word rather you can mention your education in later part of resume. Start with other positive aspects of your resume like your personal statement, your experience and any of your relevant skills trainings. After these, you can mention the number of years you attended college or school. You can also mention the name of programs or courses you completed during your educational years.

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Saad Ur Rehman Saadi

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