Research centre on its way to boost agriculture

946791-agri-1440800709-819-640x480A development that is sure to be propitious to the country’s agricultural sector, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) has voiced its intention to establish a research centre at the National Agriculture Research Centre (Narc).

The Mexico-based international body will set up the Borlaug Institute for South Asia-Pakistan (BISA-P) to further promote agriculture research activities in the country.

CIMMYT Director General Dr Martin Kropff, who just concluded his visit to Pakistan, has had detailed meetings with Minister of National Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan, Secretary of the Ministry Seerat Asghar and senior management of Parc,  during which the concept of establishing BISA-P was further strengthened.

It was agreed that CIMMYT would establish BISA-P and will also create a CIMMYT Borlaug Innovation Endowment Fund with potential donors and financial assistance.

The food ministry has already assigned five acres of land to CIMMYT at the Narc for the construction of the BISA-P Institute.

This institute would serve as a symbol of the long-term cooperation between Pakistan, United States, and international partners to improve agricultural research in South Asia, in general, and in Pakistan in particular.

The aim of the institute is to bring together the international agricultural research centres and other partners, including donors, at one location. Establishing BISA-P at Narc would have significant and lasting benefits for agricultural research and development in Pakistan.



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