Top 12 New and Innovative Business Ideas in Agriculture

Making money from an agricultural business requires knowledge of farming practices as well as some experience in developing a business. Before you decide on an idea, create a business plan that includes research on market demand for the products you grow and how to get them to market. You’ll also need a solid financing plan, as most agricultural businesses require access to large parcels of land and farm equipment to get started.

#1. Utilizing the Stubble by Growing Mushrooms:

After the paddy crops are harvested, they leave behind metric tons of stubble waste that create nuisance. The right utilization of metric tons of stubble can not only be good for the environment but will also benefit both the farmer and the business. Stubble can be used to grow mushrooms. What you need to do is to create a favorable condition for the growth of mushrooms but making the stubble wet letting it to decay.

The decaying of stubble is the perfect site for the growth of mushrooms. Many farmer in India use this method to grow mushrooms and then sell it to food processing companies, restaurants and other such stores that deal with mushrooms. Mushrooms are sold at the rate of Rs 50 to 100 a Kg which is equivalent to $1-2. This way they not only make money from investing nothing but also save their land and ultimately the environment.

 Utilizing the Stubble by Growing Mushrooms

#2. Large Scale Production of Poppadum: 

Poppadum is snacks consumed mainly in the Indian subcontinent which is made from potato, onion, gram floor, spices, and other flavored items. In small towns and rural areas, there are many small scale businesses that are run by local women who sell poppadum. A basic example of poppadum manufacturing is making a disc-shaped structure of mashed up boiled potato. The mashed potato is given flavor by mixing spices and salt, it is made disk-shaped using machine or cooking roller. Then it is dried up in sun and sold. One can eat it by frying it up in oil.

Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is one such company with an annual income of $100 million. As a business, one can either produce varieties of poppadum or buy it from local households that do the business. Reselling it into the mainstream market or importing it can create huge turnover.


#3. Creating Biogas through Agriculture Waste:

Production of biogas and its business can be hugely successful in developing and agriculture oriented countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil and China. Developing countries like India have many biogas plant businesses that flourishing. A biogas plant requires agriculture waste like stubble, crop waste, dry leaves, animal waste, water and microorganisms that help in decaying the mixture. The mixture after a while starts producing methane that is stored in a container.

Later the obtained biogas is sold at a good price or is utilized at household level. This method has seen huge success in many countries. This is not only profitable agro-based business idea but also provided jobs at local level. There is minimal investment in running a biogas plant given the profit it gives in return.



#4. Greenhouse Farming:

Greenhouse Farming is a method of farming where artificial atmosphere is created to grow specific crops, vegetables and fruits.A greenhouse regulates the conditions required to growth of plants. Greenhouse farming is mostly used to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and money minting crops. Places that are quite cold and barren have difficulty in growing crops on normal conditions, they go through greenhouse farming to grow crops. As a business, one can set of greenhouse in those areas and produce crops or one can provide equipment to the required people who want to do greenhouse farming.

Greenhouse farming is highly profitable. Manufacturing greenhouse farming equipment, installing green house, maintaining greenhouse and other things related to greenhouse can be a very profitable business.


#5. Growing Money Mainting Trees and selling them:

Well this is not very innovative method in agriculture based businesse but this is certainly the best method to earn good amount of money. If you own a plot or you have some unused land around you then you can plant some trees who have high value in money. Tress whose wood is used for furniture have best rates therefore planting such trees will earn good returns. It costs nothing more than a dollar to plant a sapling and in return it can give you 200-500 dollars in 5-10 years. Similarly if you have 50 trees then selling them will give you around $15000.


#6. Floriculture – Money Making Agriculture Based Business

Floriculture is one of the most promising career. In most cases, you don’t want to grow flowers but what you can do is buy them from locals in cheap rates and in return you can use them for different purpose. Making garlands, flower bouquets, using flower for decorative purpose is some common ways how you can excel your business in this field. Businesses related to floriculture are booming every day. The rise in booking of flower products through online medium has really worked favorably for this business.

Floriculture – Money Making Agriculture Based Business

#7. Aloe Vera Farming:

The 21st century has witnessed the rise of growing green and promoting organic goods. One of them is aloe Vera usage. Aloe Vera usage has risen in the last one decade. Aloe Vera being highly useful for skin as it repairs dead cells, useful in weight loss, reduces hair fall and makes it smooth and is good for beauty purpose. One can use Aloe Vera in producing edible juice, Aloe Vera paste, beauty gel and other such products, label it and sell it and good price. The high demand of Aloe Vera can make your business successful.


#8. Producing and Selling Honey:

If you observe a company that sells honey then you will find that these companies buy honey from local beekeepers at lower rate in huge quantity and then process it and sell it at a very high price thus making huge profit. One can also use this method on a small scale and sell honey at low level. A quality honey when branded and labeled gives a good price. There are many small level businesses that are doing excellent jobs by providing fresh, cheap and quality honey to the people who avoid branded cosmetic honey that contains chemicals.


#9. Producing Herbal Products and Medicines:

Juices of bottle guard, bitter guard, Aloe Vera and other such herbal products are in huge demand. Aloe Vera paste, vinegar of grapes, blackberry are quite common and is in huge demand. People living in cities are much more demanding these herbal products as they don’t get pure products. One can set a small business of processing these herbal products and can earn a good amount of money. The investment is little and the return is promising though it may take some time.


#10.E-Shopping Portals:

These days’ wooden crafts are in huge demand. People are buying up these crafts designed by local residents based on ancient and traditional designs. The reason for rise in sale is that people want to help these locals and second a traditional crafted product looks cool. The best way to sell these products is through online portals or by collaborating with e-commerce giants like Amazon, E-bay, Flipkart, etc. This is the best way to earn good amount of money as products you buy from locals are quite cheap while the end product you sell has reasonable yet higher rate.The business opportunity is based on technology and requires efficient planning and on point online marketing strategy to start with. Also identifying the market force and section to deal with is vital.




#11.Organic Strategy

The popularity of organic foods makes growing organic fruits and vegetables appealing. Some farmers sell their organic produce to local stores and restaurants that in turn sell it to shoppers or use it on their menus. You could also open your own fruit stand to sell the organic produce you grow. Running an organic farm takes skill and financing to buy equipment, seedlings and organic fertilizer. You’ll also need to spend time in your fields weeding and handling bug infestations according to strict organic standards.


#12.Agri Tourism

A farmhouse that’s big enough to house a few guests might be suitable for putting together a tourist package for people who want to work and stay on a real farm. Check with county laws to learn the requirements for turning your home into a bed-and-breakfast. Activities you offer depend on the type of domestic animals and crops you raise. If you have horses, take your guests on a horseback ride around the ranch to show them how the ranch functions. Encourage guests to try their hands at feeding, grooming or roping animals; planting, weeding and harvesting crops; baling hay; or gathering fruit from your orchards.


The above ten mentioned agriculture based business ideas are quite common and is used all around the world. The notable part here is that these methods are limited, are in starting or middle phase and are growing. If you are interested in devoting your energy in these business then there are good chances of your success. A business in selling nutritional herbal products has huge demand among people. If you are able to do good even in few cities then your business will be more money making and successful. Most of these businesses require very less or least investments but offer good ROI in short and some in long terms. Therefore you can definitely try one of them.

Saad Ur Rehman Saadi
Saad Ur Rehman Saadi

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