How to save plants from big snails in Abbotabad?

big snailQuestion. I am just 11 years old and live in Abbotabad and my plants are being eaten by snails. Small snails are not a problem but there are big snails, with brown shells, and they eat a lot. I have tried using salt on them and it works a bit but still they won’t go away.

Answer. The snails may, quite possibly, not be a problem by the time you read this as they are at their most problematic in Abbotabad over the summer months into very early autumn. However, bear in mind for the next season that small snails grow into big ones and that all snails love to eat plants – especially tasty new leaves. Using salt is good but even better – presuming that you are wise enough to avoid chemical interventions – is that as soon as snails, no matter how small, make an appearance in your garden, start picking them up/off by hand (you may want to wear gloves to do this) and disposing of them well away from your garden. It can be a real chore having to do this every single day at first but it is the best and most natural solution. After a while though, the number of snails will decrease and, as long as you are dedicated, eventually you will not have to do this at all as all the snails will have gone. Snails and bugs are an inevitable presence in your garden, but you don’t need harmful chemicals to ward off these little visitors. Many tried and true organic solutions can zap them away.



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