Bio pesticide is a Sustainable Agriculture in Pakistan

Bio pesticide is a Sustainable Agriculture in Pakistan

Pakistan is an Agriculture country and now in these days facing a lot of problems due to environment pollution and climate change.  Climate change is a big threat for all over world. In Agricultural history Pakistan facing the threat of insects and diseases. In the beginning man lives in forest, caves and eat wild plants and leaves used as a clothes. Human start live together and start the Agriculture practices. Insects and diseases start the damage of plant when human start cultivation. Many famines occur due to disease and insect e. g Irish famine occur due to potato leaf blight. In history many famine occur due to insects (locust).

Climate change is a big threat now in these days. In November 2015 more than 100 countries together in France for discussed environment pollution and climate changing.


Biopesticides having the component of pesticidal properties which originates from natural resources such as plants, animals, viruses, bacteria and minerals. These natural products keep protection from soil borne diseases and insect pests. Biopesticides are the component of IPM (Integrated pest management) microbial pesticides like virus, fungi, nematodes, bacteria are originated biopesticides. Plant have resisitance against insect pest and diseases due to using of biopesticides because it’s a natural product.

Biopesticides are used to control the insect pests, pathogens and variety of weeds. Biopesticides act as competitors or inducers of plant host resisitance. Biochemical can control the growth, feeding development or reproduction of a insect pest and pathogen. Biopesticides develop the resistance in plants against insect pest.

Plant extracts were earliest biopesticides as agricultural biopesticides. In 17th century nicotine extract from Tobacco plant and use to control the plum beetle. In 19th century minerals oil are used for plant protection. In early 20th century, firstly biopesticides proposal was developed. Biopesticides most widely used as a spore of the bacteria BT (bacillus thurengensis).

Importance of Biopesticides:

Biopesticiddes developed fastly now in these days, many progressive countries can work on biopesticides because it has no pesticidal contamination, pollution risk and environmental hazard. Easy to apply and develop resistance against insect pests and diseases in Pakistan.

Promoting the Biopesticides:

In Pakistan current use of pesticides is about 130,000 metric tons which are approximately 90% apply on cotton, rice, sugarcane, fruits and vegetables. These pesticides can be contaminated the products which ban in International markets.

WTO (World Trade Organization) faces many problems due to using pesticidal products. Products have contamination of pesticides which causes low price in International markets. Then we eradicate the use of pesticides and apply the biopesticides in Pakistan by promoting the microbial pesticides to eradicate the pollution.

Category of Biopesticides:

Biopesticide have two main categories which control the insect pests and diseases.

  1. Microbial Biopesticides

It consist of microorganism e. g bacteria, virus, fungus and protozoa which protects the plant from insect pest and diseases.

  1. Biochemical pesticides

It depends on naturally substances that control the insect pest like sex pheromones.


Why Biopesticide is not establish in Pakistan

  • Due to lack of research laboratories.
  • Due to lack of money.
  • Due to lack of training system.



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