Zero tillage


Zero tillage refers to tillage systems in which soil disturbances is reduced to sowing generals and traffic only and where weed country must be achieved by a genital nears. It can be considered as a men extreme form of minimum tillage 2010 tillage maintains more corposiders than any other tillage  soil surface and it protect the grout against wind and water evasion.

Primary tillage it commonly avoided and secondary tillage restricted to Seedbed Corporation in the row zone only. It is also known no till and is resorted to who soil are subjected to wind & water erosion Zero tilled soil are homogenous in structure with high population earthworms. Organic matter content increases due to less mineralization.

Control of weeds is the main problem in zero tillage. Incomplete weed control is the main ebstoute to the further adoption. Zero tillage a widely used in humid areas. 

Erosion losses and polities are minimized by zero tillage. Zero tillage will be useful concept where than. 

i. Soils are subject to wind and water erosion eg. in sloppy bare compacted soils with high gilt fine sand. 
ii. Timing of tillage operation 15 foods difficult. 
iii. Conventional tillage to not yield more. 
iv. Requirement of energy and labour too high. 
v. In medium to fine textured soils use of heavy implements can result in formation of hard puncturing wet conditions. Much more research information is needed on cartilage.


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