Vegetables that Don’t Like Each Other

There are some vegetables that grow very well together, but there are some vegetables that simply don’t like each other. This conflict usually leads to the spread of diseases or the stunting of growth of the plants. Thus, when planning your next vegetable garden, you should consider planting these vegetables as far apart as possible.

Even though some chefs like to put onions in with beans, they actually don’t like each other in the garden. You could call them enemies. The trouble is that the onions prevent beans from reaching their full potential. You get a smaller and less productive bean crop if you plant them together. The same thing is true with peas.

Cucumbers with fresh herbs are always good in a salad, but keep the herbs away when planting. They are no friend of the cucumber. They also don’t particularly care for being next to potatoes.

Tomatoes are a popular vegetable that doesn’t play well with either cauliflower or cabbage. They tend to share the same disease. Once it infiltrates one crop, it will spread to the others until all three of them are wiped out. Keeping them far away will isolate the disease from the others. You also want to avoid planting corn too close, because the height of the corn stalk shades the tomatoes preventing them from getting the full sun that they need to grow.

Cabbage also has a strong dislike for strawberries and beans. It comes back to the spread of disease. Keep them away from each other to improve the chances at least one crop to survive.
Aside from tomatoes, peas also don’t like onions or garlic. Both the onion and garlic tend to have a stunting effect on them. Even if you like peas and onions, don’t match them up in the garden, so you can get a healthy crop of both.

Vegetables have their enemies as well as their friends. Just because they work well in a dish doesn’t mean that they should be planted together. The biggest issue is disease, but you can also hurt the potential of the crop by growing vegetables near their enemies.

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