The Role of Woman In Food Security In Rural Areas of District Faisalabad


v  Higher the age of respondent, higher will be the knowledge of balance diet

v  Higher the education of respondent, higher will be the knowledge of balance diet

v  Higher the income of the respondents, higher will be the knowledge of balance diet


Existing world has to face number of problems like over population, drug addiction, unemployment, health problems etc. Among these all food security is also a major problem of the existing world especially Pakistan. Food security is known worldwide as a basic human right. By analyzing food security situation, we can estimate economic as well social condition of a country as it is a true reflection of economics and social development of a country; it can be analyzed at different levels such as nation/regional, individual and household level.

Factors involve in food security are in wide-range basically they are divided into three categories

*     Food Availability i.e. when appropriate quantities of food are constantly available to all individuals within a country through household production, other domestic outputs

*     Food accessibility i.e. when households and all individuals have adequatesources to obtain suitable foods for a healthy diet and depends on incomes of households

*     Food utilization i.e. the proper biological use of food, requiring a diet providing sufficient energy and essential nutrients

In Pakistan food security is still remain an unfulfilled dream for currently about 42 million people

The present study was conducted to analyze the food security status in rural areas. The study was conducted in rural areas of district Faisalabad. 120 respondent were selected by using multistage sampling. The collected data was subjected to statistical package for social science (SPSS)

Shortly we can say even with increase in agriculture production we still have food security problems. It was founded during study that most of the peoples are unable to purchase good quality foods. Majority of peoples suffering from nutritional diseases anemia was mostly amongpeoples.

 1-     40% belong to age group of 31-40 years old

2-     34% were illiterate

3-     70% were married

4-     76.7% were reported that they preserve food

5-     38.3% of them were preserve food by cooling

6-     36.1 % of them facing no problem in food security

7-     82.5% of the respondents reported they have all types of food in their vicinity

8-     70% were satisfied with the availability of food quantity and security

9-     50% of them thinking that preserved food no effects on their health

10-  66.7% of the respondents had knowledge about balance diet

11-  77.5% reported that they have use electric pump water for drinking

12-  71.7% were satisfied with water quality

13-  59.2% never boil water before drinking

14-  41.7% were facing diarrhea problem due to drinking water

Comparison with Ground Facts

Above mentioned points are

Highly Valid

Moderately Valid


7,10,11 & 13

4,5,9,12 & 14

1-3,6 & 8


Ø  Government should manage overall food security at district level for each district

Ø  Strengthen food and nutrition research

Ø  Media should play their role for awareness of food security and handling among peoples


Ø  Government should take steps to educate people especially woman for the improvement of food security via short course or special degrees

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