Socio-Psychological Impact of Unemployment On Rural Youth; A Case Study In Rural Areas of Faisalabad


v  Unemployed males will be have more impact of unemployment of their life as compared to employed

v  Lower the family income of the respondent, higher will be the impact of unemployment on their life

v  Higher the education of respondents, higher will be the impact of unemployment on their life


The development of a country like Pakistan depends upon the youth and their involvement in socio-economics structure of the country

In Pakistan majority of the people are uneducated and they have no skills and technical education about any particular job. Mostly people have generally education and they are not interested in vocational training or technical education. When they leave educational institution they have degree but no employment opportunities.

Social problems which are mainly caused by unemployment or unemployed people are frustration, murder robbery, suicide, gambling like people makes the terrorist and many more in which unemployed youth is involved.

The psychological aspects of unemployment problem are not less serious than many of its other effects. Constant depression contributes to the possibility of loss mental balance to the point of break down.

Keeping in view the above problems of unemployment the aim of this study was to investigate the socio-psychological impact of unemployment on rural youth. For this purpose 125 respondent were select from 4 different villages

Main reasons of unemployment are lack of opportunities, no merit system. Its common that unemployed persons gets lower attention as compare to employed.

Collected data was subjected to SPSS.

1-     48% respondents belong to age group 22-25 years old

2-     68.8% were male

3-     28% were intermediate

4-     71% were single

5-     56.6% had not got any technical education

6-     49.6% were unable to utilize their skills due to lack of capital

7-     37.6% were unemployed due to lack of opportunities

8-     40.0% were liked to job in Government sector

9-     38.8% preferred to do job on permanent bases

10-  32.8% were mentally disturbed due to unemployment

11-  36% were agreed unemployment increase use of drugs

12-  31.2% were agreed that victims of terrorist activities increase

13-  28.2% were using some types of drugs

Comparison with Ground Facts

Above mentioned points are

Highly Valid

Moderately Valid


5,6,8 & 12

7,9,10 & 11

1-4 & 13



Ø  Education should be job oriented have should have facilities in Government and private sectors

Ø  Merit System should be encourage in every field of life

Ø  Needed to start a program at national level for the awareness of education worth

Ø  Overpopulation is also un-negligible factor for causing unemployment

Ø  Steps should be taken for the development of technical education

Ø  Industrial should spread overall the country

Ø  Self-employment schemes should be started

Ø  Steps should be taken for the establishment of home industries


Ø  Arrangement of healthy activities at tehsil, district and national levels to keep busy young generation in positive activates instead of negative activities

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