Winnersh_Meadows_TreesTrees can do further for you than you can imagine. Trees do a thankless job of shading and cooling our offices, streets, homes and cars. Shadow keeps temperatures lower. Minor temperatures mean less pollution from our automobiles and power plants and less greenhouse gases. Trees as well obviously store carbon dioxide as they grow,thus plant trees to balance your carbon footprint.

Trees first appeared on more than 380 million years before. They have extraordinarily changed the face of continents. They have carried forth fertile lands from parched rocks. A tree is stationary but it catches the diet from where it is grown. Trees need water, light, energy and carbon di oxide from the air to grow and live. Trees draw their raw materials from environment and turn them into leaves, branches and trunk. At the same time trees gives off abundance of the substance that allows varieties of life forms to proliferate i.e. oxygen.

The planets forests are habitats of more than half of its species. Food, remedies and scientific research mainly depends on biodiversity. Humans have earned their livelihood from forests for long ago therefore transforming and destroying them. Our model has been destroyed for constant growth. Since1950, the world population has risen closely by 3/4th. We are constantly cutting trees down by million to plant soybean. Forests have been substituted by “Eucalyptus” which is more gainful for the paper industry and by oil palms which are more gainful for agri food business. Deforestation is a matter of reality, 2 billion personsglobal cut down forests to make charcoal and support their peoplesover slash and burn of trees, agriculture disrupting the natural equilibrium of forests and biodiversity.

Over the past 60 years, we have inflicted more fast degradation on globe than all of social history. When forests are empty it’s not just animals whose existence is challenged; is the essential being destroyed to produce superfluous. It doesn’t have to be that way; woodlands still make up 1/3rd of earth`s total land area and men, women across the world are fighting to protect it. Scientists, associations, villagers and governments are all sounding the alarms and proposing alternatives as other choices do occur. Through understanding, education, and information global authorities stress that forests can continue to provide livelihood opportunities only if people alter their mindsets.

Forests like sponges filter, store and digest pollutants. They absorb water during flood. Plant life palms water, air, sunlight, and earth. It forms the cornerstone of whole living ecology we all depend on. Forests are the guardians of climate; they contain more carbon than that of stored in earth’s entire atmosphere.

Worldwide, 1.6 billion are directly dependent on forests for their livelihood and 7 billion people (almost all) rely on all the benefits. They produce food, water, the fresh air, and the remedies we require to maintain our health. Taking a close look at forests reveal that mankind and forests are closely connected.

The shrinking forests are matter of serious concern. They are regulators of greenhouse gases (GHG) and a shield to protect ozone layer from depletion. There is a dire need to increase the forest area not only in size but also in density so to strap the impending climate change challenges that have already rung the alarm bells for policy makers, environmental scientists, and other stakeholders. This way we can efficiently cash in maximum benefits of forests. The increase in the forest area, adaptation of green technologies, and opting the alternatives instead of stalking forests are the protocols that must be ensured to vanguard the environmental challenges to give a safer planet to future generations. The rapid deforestation has to be controlled through legislative measures and policy knobs.

Man has always been needy on forests to achieve its various needs. The hunting of forests has badly impacted on environment and needs consolation from the planet mates. Let us live in planet like brotherhood, standing tall like coast redwood.




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