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Moringa: a Marvelous Medicinal Plant

Muhammad Zahaib Ilyas*

Department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Corresponding author: izohaib24@gmail.com



The scientific name is Moringa oleifera. In India, Moringa has been used as a medicinal plant about 2000 years BC. It is used to cure more than 300 diseases. It is a perennial plant. It mainly grows in subtropical, semiarid areas. It is a rapidly growing plant and simple to grow. In the first year, it gains the height up to 3-4 meters. It is capable of performing under drought condition. For optimum growth, the best temperature range is 25-35 degree Celsius. It grows best in light texture soils like loam and sandy loam soil. In the subtropical areas, it tolerates light frost. It grows in areas receiving annual rainfall ranges between 250-1500 mm. It has high nutritional value, low water demand, lush growth and rapid biomass production. Leaf litter of Moringa has the ability to ameliorate the standards of soil. It is capable of growing on the marginal lands. Vegetables that interplant with it have high quality. All parts of the Moringa use as a medicine.

Products of Moringa:

The main products are;

  • Moringa capsules (used as medicine, food supplement and food fortificant etc.)
  • Moringa oil ( used as medicine, edible oil, lubricants, biofuel, in cosmetics etc)
  • Moringa shampoo
  • Moringa bar soap
  • Moringa based tea
  • Moringa oil and citrus conditioner
  • Moringa powder (used in bread, sauces, burgers, biscuits, instant noodles etc.)

Health benefits of Moringa:

  • Oil of Moringa seed is good for the nourishment of hair and protect from free radicals.
  • It is a source of protein which is beneficial for skin and protects from damage.
  • It is beneficial to fix fatigue and nervousness.
  • Extract of Moringa uses to cure the infection caused by bacteria and fungus etc. It is also helpful in fixing stomach problems because Moringa is rich in vitamin B.
  • Due to calcium and phosphorus content, it makes bones strong and healthy.
  • Use of Moringa extract is helpful to prevent cancer development.
  • Moringa has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Strong antioxidants present in its extract which protect the heart from damage.
  • It protects against diabetes and asthma.
  • Extract of Moringa fades the scars developed as the result of healing of wounds.
  • It is beneficial for the eyes*.
  • It lowers blood pressure due to the presence of certain compounds.
  • It is also used to cure snakebite.

Health issues:

Before using Moringa, consult with a doctor because;

  • It has antifertility properties and not suitable for pregnant women.
  • There are toxic compounds present in the root of Moringa.

But the side effects of Moringa are very few.

Miraculous nutrition of Moringa’s dried leaf:

(On equal quantity basis)

  • Vitamin A present in the carrots is 10 times less than in Moringa dried leaf.
  • Potassium available in the bananas is 15 times less than in it.
  • Calcium present in the milk is 17 times lesser.
  • Availability of iron in the spinach is 25 times less than in its dried leaf.
  • The protein present in yogurt is 9 times lesser.


Daily intake of 20mg of lutein helps to improve weak eyesight. Vitamin A boosts the lutein action. The precursor of vitamin A is beta-carotene, lycopene etc. Shade-dried leaf of Moringa contains lutein, beta-carotene, and xanthin. So, shade dried leaf of Moringa is beneficial for those who have weak eyesight.



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