Is Teaching Children Creation “Child Abuse”?

DSC_0764_cropThe words we choose to use critically affect the psychological mind game played while opposing worldviews battle for their version of “truth.” For example, during the last four decades, we have observed the “Pro-Choice” vs. “Anti-Abortion” battle taking place.  Or should we call it the “Pro-Life” vs “Pro-Death” battle?

NPR made the decision in 2005 to use the terms “Pro-choice” and “Pro-Life” while Linda Mason was the CBS senior vice president of news in charge of standards. She said, “We call them pro-abortion rights and anti-abortion rights because it’s the right to abortion that we’re talking about.” Notice how CBS tries to focus on the “legal right” to have an abortion rather than on the “act” of the abortion itself.

Today we have a new issue that is raising its head with increasing frequency, and it has to do with the teaching of creation to children. In December, I appeared as a quest on the Thom Hartmann program to discuss the fact that eleven states have now passed a bill that allows homeschool children to use the voucher program to purchase the ACE curriculum. (ACE stands for Accelerated Christian Education, a Christ Centered, Bible-based curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade.)

Hartmann starts off very perturbed by the idea that tax-payers’ dollars are going to support the teaching of creation in curriculum for homeschool. He then goes further and says that creation will “knee cap” our children, should they ever decide to “go into the sciences”


Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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