Green Super Rice Developed by Hazara University

Pakistan is one of the rice exporting Countries, however, its production is comparatively low. The scientist of Hazara University started working on development of green super rice: a rice that can be used as green fodder as well as exportable grain quality. A wild rice Oryza longistminata, four land races of Pakistani origin and three varieties viz.JP-5, Basmati 385, KS-282 were used in this breeding strategy. By making crosses and selection a unique rice was developed. The leaves remain green with continued photosynthetic activities after the maturity of the grains. Due to this prolong photosynthetic activities, number of grains per panicle has been increased from 200 to 700. The panicle length increased up to 47 cm. 250-300 grains per panicle has been reported in the literature but there is no report of 700 grains per panicle. The production has been increased from 5t/ha to 12t/ha. It is 20 days early in maturity than locally cultivated varieties. The farmers can used it as Fodder as well as a high yielding, early maturity and the best quality rice. Prolong photosynthetic activities may clean the environment by releasing Oxygen and utilizing CO2 . It is resistant to bacterial blight and is drought tolerance.

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