Genetic resistance in mungbean and mashbean germplasm against mungbean yellow mosiac begomovirus

In order to identify sources of resistance against mungbean yellow mosaic (begomo) virus (MYMV), 110 linesof mungbean and 134 of mashbean were evaluated under field conditions. Out of 110 mungbean lines, 85 werefound as highly resistant (HR), 14 resistant (R) and 5 moderately resistant (MR). Only six accessions weregraded as susceptible (S) to highly susceptible (HS). In case of mashbean, 43 accessions were found as highlyresistant (HR), 28 resistant (R) and 18 moderately resistant (MR), whereas, the others 45 were susceptible tohighly susceptible. Although resistance against MYMV in mungbean and mashbean has been previouslyreported, but this study reports some additional new sources of resistance to be included in breeding programmeto develop MYMV-resistant varieties in the country.

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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