Dehydrating Figs

My dried Figs… delicious!
I recently wrote about how our fig tree that is just pumping out the figs. I can fill up a plastic grocery bag with ripe figs every two or three days. That means a lot of figs. I have already shared my recipe forPineapple, Port, & Fig Sauce. Today, I’ll just share some photos of the dehydration process.
We have an Excaliber dehydrator, and I highly recommend it. This dehydrator is simple to use, easy to clean, comes in many sizes, and the company has great service and warranties, but it is not incredibly cheap. If you are not ready to buy a dehydrator, you can use your oven or even use your car (see this article on dehydrating in your car).
My biggest advice for food preservation, is to just get in there and try it. For more information on dehydrating, I recommend Dehydrate 2 Store, and as a great resource for dehydration tips and tools. She does use and promote the Excaliber, but she provides a goldmind of free information.
I started out with lots of figs and quickly washed then is some fresh water.
The figs were quartered and laid on the drying trays, dried for about 24 hrs, and that was it.
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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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