Cotton Varieties, NIAB 111

NIAB 111

Type: Upland. Tetraploid (Gossypium hirsutum). Medium staple.

Parentage: (NIAB 313/12 x CIM 100) F1 300 Gy.

Check: CIM 473

Breeders: Khan, M. S. I. et al.

Centre: NIAB, Faisalabad.

NIAB 111

Type: Upland. Tetraploid (Gossypium hirsutum). Medium staple.

Parentage: (NIAB 313/12 x CIM 100) F1 300 Gy.

Check: CIM 473

Breeders: Khan, M. S. I. et al.

Centre: NIAB, Faisalabad.

Maintainer: NIAB, Faisalabad.

Status: Released, 2004 (Punjab). Registered 2004.

Growth habit: Semi spreading to spreading, early in maturity (100-130 days), stem-tip-hairiness medium, pigmentation medium. Lodge resistant.

Height and branching: Medium tall (150-175 cm), nodes to first fruiting branch 5-6, monopodia 2-6, sympodia 15-20, short to medium, spreading.

Foliage: Foliage density medium, medium green, medium hairy and nectaried, leaf length 12.4, width 15.0, stalk 14.0 cm.

Flower: Flowering medium early and of medium duration. Flower medium, nectaried, creamy, with intermediate calyx, pollen light yellow creamy, stamen medium dense, and semi-erect, stigma height medium (8-10 mm) with medium exsertion (1-2.5 mm).

Boll: Medium large, 4-5 locked, round conical, wide at lower mid, with medium beak, finely pitted, gossypol normal, opening good. Bolls/plant 20-25, boll weight 4.5g, length 4.0, width 3.0, peduncle 1.5 cm, bracteole normal.

Yield kg/ha: Seed cotton 2600.0

Fiber: GOT 37.5%, Staple length 30.5 mm, Micronaire 4.4, Strength 28.8 g/tex, Uniformity 49.5%.

Seed: Seed Index 8.2 g, size medium, length 8.8, width 5.4 mm, Seeds fuzzy to semi-fuzzy, white.

Leaf curl virus (CLCV): Tolerant.

Variants: Habit varies with space, sowing and stem damage.

Leading characters: NIAB 111 heat tolerant, medium tall growing, medium green, medium dense foliage, pollen light yellow creamy, boll roundish conical with medium beak and medium maturity, opening good, seed fuzzy to semi fuzzy white.


by Dr. Akhlaq Hussain, Muhammad Ibrahim, Munir Ahmed Naz

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