Classification of silvicultural systems

Silvicultural system may be defined as a method of silvicultural procedure worked out in accordance with accepted sets of silvicultural principles by which, crops constituting mature forests are harvested, regenerated, tended and replaced by new crops of distinctive forms. It begins with regeneration felling and includes adoption of some suitable method of regeneration and tending of the new crop throughout of its life.

Silvicultural systems have been classified in a variety of ways. The most commonly used classification is based primarily on the mode of regeneration. It is further classified according to the pattern of felling carried out in the forest crop. According to the method of regeneration, silvicultural systems are of following two types: high forest systems and coppice systems.

  1. High forest systems: High forest systems are those silvicultural systems in which the regeneration is normally of seedling origin, either natural or artificial or a combination of both and the rotation is generally long. The high forest systems are further classified on the basis of pattern of felling and mode of regeneration as well. A schematic classification of these systems is given here.
    • High forest systems
      • Systems of concentrated regeneration
        • Clear felling system
          1. Clear felling
          2. Clear strip
          3. Alternate strip
          4. Patch clear cut
        • Shelterwood system
          1. Uniform system
          2. Group system
          3. Strip system
          4. Irregular system
          5. Indian Irregular system
        • Seed tree system
          1. Uniform seed tree
          2. Group seed tree
      • Systems of diffused regeneration
        • Selection system
          1. Single tree selection
          2. Group selection
      • Accessory systems
        1. Two storied high forest
        2. High forest with reserve
  2. Coppice systems: That silvicultural system in which the crop originates mainly from coppice and the rotation is short is called coppice system. Classfication of coppice system (Low Forest System):
    1. Simple Coppice System
    2. Coppice of Two Rotation System
    3. Shelterwood Coppice System
    4. Coppice with Standard System
    5. Coppice with Reserve System
    6. Coppice Selection System
    7. The Pollard System

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