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Big Facts – where agriculture and climate change meet

  • Climate change has and will have an enormous impact on what we can grow and eat. Conversely, the global food system—from production, to transportation and refrigeration to disposal—is responsible for up to 29% of human-generated greenhouse gases. With so much information about climate change available, it’s difficult to know what the key facts are. To make up for this, we’ve scoured the literature for the latest research to identify the best and most current scientific knowledge at the intersection of agriculture, climate change and food security.

    The result is “Big Facts”, a set of need-to-know facts that represents the latest and most authoritative research on topics ranging from undernourishment and dietary changes to agricultural mitigation practices and climate finance. The suite of 30 key facts, featuring infographics and compelling photographs from the field, is supported by a sub-set of extra facts and a list of references indicating where more information can be found. The result: a one-stop, scientific source for facts about climate change, agriculture and food security.

    So please go ahead and explore and share the data and graphics. Find out why it’s impossible to address climate issues without including agriculture—and vice versa.

    Some of the striking facts include:


    Climate Change Impacts on Water

    Food Waste

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