Acute water shortage – a red alert for leadership

Red alert for the political leadership of Pakistan, as the country has been categorized with the water stressed of “80 per cent status, in spite of located within the Asia’s world water tower – the Himalayan mountain ranges. This is a serious and final warning to the decision makers to act on fast track basis to avert any impeding catastrophic situation in the days to come. Altogether there is no concept of IWRM (Integrated Water Resource Management) practices in the country or even at the planning stages. The problem is going to increase exponentially in scope and complexity due to the anthropogenic activities & due to adverse impacts of climate change on country’s hydrological cycle, which is going to enhance the rate of snow melting manifolds in the glaciated zones of Pakistan. The IPCC-2007 report has also predicted increased run-offs due to snow melting accelerated with the rise in temperature.  
All the water sector professionals & institutions in Pakistan must rise to the occasion, by way of formulating upfront water resource management and must use their good offices to convince the government to accord top priority to this sector. Besides above platforms of regional & international organizations/associations must be exploited for chalking out strategies & action plans for use of common water resources (Water Tower) and adaptation of best water management practices with the special focus on charting out innovative action plans, based on – Doing More with Less , like; 
River Basin specific IWRM
Water conflict resolution strategies
Geographical specific creation of water banks
Efficiencies in supply & demand
Cascading use of water
Wastewater treatment & reuse, by promoting green industry initiatives
Storm water management and reuse
Beside above mentioned hard components, community based/local levels self-help groups, by involving civil society, be formed to bring in behavioural change communication strategies for general public awareness to adapt best water uses patterns & practices. The list of 37 water stressed countries, with more details can be viewed at the following links;
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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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