How Much Feed Does a Chicken Eat?

chickenseatingyoghurt01_zpsbed2f2e5 (Copy)A common question among poultry owners, especially those new to raising birds, is “How much do my birds eat, so I know how much feed to buy?”.

Below are some general guidelines to go by, keeping in mind that a variety of factors, from weather to other available food sources, can influence the exact amount of prepared feed your birds will consume.

Feeding Amounts for Newly Hatched Birds:
Type of BirdFeeding periodTotal amount of feed
Layer chicksFirst 10 weeks9-10 lbs per bird
Broiler chicks (based on Cornish Game Birds)First 6 weeks8-9 lbs per bird
TurkeysFirst 12 weeks72 lbs per bird
GeeseFirst 8 weeks53 lbs per bird
DucksFirst 8 weeks22 lbs per bird
GamebirdsFirst 8 weeks9 lbs per bird


Feeding Amounts for Laying Birds 
Type of BirdTotal amount of feed
Chickens1.5 lbs per bird per week
Turkeys4 – 5 lbs per bird per week
Geese3 lbs per bird per week
Gamebirds1 – 1.5 lbs per bird per week



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