The Emerging trend of Landscape

God showers His a lot of blessings on mankind; world is full of glorious places where anybody can feel comfort and enjoy himself. No doubt, natural beauty has no alternate of it. Now a days people’s life is more busy, they don’t have free time to visit and observe the world’s beauty like natural landscape involving tall trees, gorgeous flowering plants, grasses and a lot of greenery etc. That’s why people are getting interested in artificial landscaping.

Landscaping is the part of ornamental horticulture which enhances the beautification of outdoor and interior settings. Different plants material like ornamental trees, shrubs, ground covers, vines perennial flowers, annual flowers and bulbous plants used in landscaping. Physical features or hardscape is also a part of landscaping; physical features include terraces, fences, walks, irrigation system, water and lightening features which heighten the attractiveness of any area.

Landscape is an art and practical application of problem solving. It is challenge for professional landscaper to develop and beautify the land and presents new design according to the will or need of owner. Landscape requires well planning, proper work or construction and timely maintenance. If someone develops well planned landscape area and not go for maintenance (pruning and trimming), in a few time it turns into forest like condition. Maintenance and care is essential for the longevity of any landscaped area.

Landscape is gaining popularity day by day with the improving awareness in the community. There are many benefits of landscaping such as, attractive views for everyone and give enjoyment to home owner. It is beneficial for those people who are working in offices, industries and other congested areas, when they go home or visit parks where a lot of ornamental tree and flowering plants, they feel comfort and mental satisfaction. Landscape trees play role in cooling air and give noise free environment.

Landscape design is different in different areas of world. It differs according to traditions and cultural values of that region. That’s why people go for local landscapers or sometimes ‘’Malis’’ (gardeners) if they are installing landscape for first time. But in hard landscaping, objects are also used along with plants like fonts, benches and other beautification objects. In our region hard landscaping is not much common, people usually install plants, creepers and annual/ perennial flowers, but the trend of hard landscaping is increasing as people are looking forward to make this world a better place.

The key to success for perfect landscaping is the knowledge about soil conditions, climatic conditions and specific insect and pests of that region so that the landscaper can choose the best combination of plants and that can sustain and grow easily, there are many beautiful trees and plants are in market that requires less management and the create less foliage mess. In addition the landscaper also cares about various features that are natural but can be controlled like topography of the region, soil quality and the level of salinity, wind speed and direction, and the large verities of native and attractive flora and fauna.

Sometimes land is in very harsh conditions so the landscapers reshape it and cover the deficiencies. The reshaped land is the key unit of landscaping. Sometimes a part of the soil is removed to create portion with more depth and on other sides soil is added to create slope like structure which is termed as filling.

The demand of professional landscape is increasing day by day. It is the opportunity for landscapers to show their art and hidden qualities or skills. When some personals develop their own landscape company or organization for giving their best services and they can also help in reducing poverty from their country by giving employment to needy people.


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