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Health_Benefits_of_Tea-1728x800_c (1)The amazing qualities of tea can never be overstated. While coffee comes with a list of side effects that everyone chooses to ignore, people  hardly ever give tea the credit it deserves in helping our internal systems. From helping to bring a balance to our hormonal levels and having healing benefits like lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease and strokes, curing headaches, treating allergies, acts as an antioxidant, helps increase your immunity and protects you against cancer. Beyond all these extremely delightful health benefits, tea also tastes brilliant. You can add a dash of lime or ginger or clove and give it an extra kick. Taking medication for everything that could possibly be wrong with you has extreme side effects after a while; it takes its toll on one. This is where tea can help in reducing the build up of diseases and controlling the ones you already have.

One of the best herbal teas around that is not so well known is the stinging nettle tea. Nettle tea has a number of uses like treating allergies, prostate cancer, as a diuretic, an anti – inflammation drug, bladder diseases, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, bronchitis, kidney stones, multiple sclerosis and a series of other diseases that you may be taking a handful of medication for. Unlike most drugs like Allegra and such, nettle has no side effects at all. But to see any of these benefits finally work their magic you must wait for a minimum of thirty days and take it regularly.

Though chamomile tea isn’t the tastiest of the teas it is definitely one of the more popular ones known for its various advantages. It is an anti-oxidant and works as a complete drug for skin care treatment. It acts a moisturizer; helps reduce inflammations, sunburns and irritation and also as a  natural skin bleach to hep lighten your complexion or give it a healthy glow. It isn’t even necessary to drink the tea, using the heated tea bag on your eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. One of its unique benefits is the fact that it can be used as a natural highlighter and can form natural highlights when combined with henna. This also helps reduce dandruff and sooth an irritated scalp.


Adding just a dash of ginger to your tea and add another level of brilliance to your tea. Ginger is probably as natural an herb as you can get to add to your tea. It works best as a relief for menstrual cramps and to sooth an irritated throat. It also helps improve your blood circulation. Because it is so rich with vitamins and minerals and also helps reduce nausea in case you may have motion sickness or even a hangover after a hectic but fun night. It also helps relieve stress and tension after a tiresome week at work. It also adds just a hint of spice to the taste and can be quite enjoyable.


You have got to have a really want a boost for you system to enjoy peppermint. I think it is more of an acquired taste but it does come packed with some extremely useful properties. Firstly, it is of course, an instant breath freshener. It is also a digestive after a heavy or oily meal and can be used to sooth coughs and colds and even reduce fevers. It is full of vitamin B, potassium and calcium and aids in boosting your immune system. Making you healthier, stronger and making you more resistant to things like the common cold or flu or easily affected by an infection in the air.

Green tea is by far the most popular and tastiest of the herbal teas and it has some of the most effective benefits. The polyphenol in the tea gives it a higher rate of oxidation than most usual teas and helps increase your metabolic rate and your ability to lose weight faster. It is one of the most recommended treatments for weight loss although its effects take a while to show. It also helps reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, cholesterol and diabetes. It is also rather relaxing and thus helps to reduce depression. Green tea is one of the most affective teas around and though it has a slightly bitter taste, its benefits make up for it.


Cardamom has a rather strong, yet sweet and aromatic tastes but is one of quickest reliefs for hiccups and stomach or intestinal cramps and pain. It also acts a diuretic and helps reduce blood pressure, stress, depression, reduces the thickness of blood and keeps dangerous blood clots from forming, it is also an anti-oxidant and acts as a restraint against bronchitis and colds and keeps you fit and kicking, boosting your immune system. All you have to do is add a bit of cardamom to your flask of tea and instantly benefit from its brilliant pungent taste and advantages.

Hibiscus has been known to have a ton of beneficial effects and properties because of its high vitamin C content. It gives your hair an extra shine and strength and also helps lighten your skin and give you a look of freshness. And give your internal organs an extra boost of strength. However, hibiscus must be used in the proper amount and dosages in order to be fully effective and not overload your system. If you do not buy packaged hibiscus tea, you must know how to use the plant before adding it to your tea or ingesting it may not be the most fun experience for you.

Tea has always had a wide range of benefits aside from waking people up in the morning and is most definitely the healthier of the two caffeinated drinks there are. It doesn’t give you insomnia or make you over hyper and increase your risks of getting high blood pressure or overloading yourself with too much stress which can lead to a whole list of other problems. A limited amount of tea on a daily basis can help reduce your risk of some of the most common diseases.



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