Growing lettuce in Garden

how-to-grow-lettuce-4Question. I have been trying to grow lettuce as filler in my big plant containers since last October but keep failing. I first sowed the seeds direct and later tried soaking seed overnight in water but still nothing germinated. Please guide me about the timing and other conditions for growing lettuce.

Answer. Lettuce seed can be sown all around the year providing that it is sown in a partially shaded place in summer and full sun over the winter months. There is absolutely no need to soak it first. Soil should be in good condition, preferably with plenty of organic compost / organic manure mixed in. Sow the seed, very thinly, just underneath the soil surface and no more, keep watered, thin out if needed. It could well be that the soil in your pots, depending on how long since it was replenished, has run out of essential nutrients, is too compacted for seedlings to break through or that existing plants are taking all of the light and water away from the lettuce seeds, thus preventing germination.



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