this-is-the-most-powerful-natural-antibiotic-and-you-can-make-it-on-your-ownHaving strong immune system is the best way to protect against diseases. In order to have a strong immunity is necessary to eat healthy, but a little trick can also serve you. Try this beverage.

Ingredients needed:

– 700 ml of apple cider vinegar

– ¼ of a cup of finely chopped garlic

– ¼ of a cup of finely chopped caramelized onion

– 2 fresh peppers

– ¼ of a cup of ground ginger

– 2 tablespoons of ground horseradish

– 2 tablespoons of turmeric

Method of preparation:

Put all abovementioned ingredients (except the apple cider vinegar) in a bowl. Mix everything well and transfer the resulting mixture in a jar and pour the vinegar over the content. Tightly close the jar and shake well.

The best is to fill two thirds of the jar with the ingredients mixture and fill the rest with apple cider vinegar.

Keep the jar in a cold and dry area for 2 weeks.

Way of consuming:

Consume one tablespoon of the remedy on a daily basis.

Your immune system will significantly improve. However, you need to be careful because this remedy is quite pungent.



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