Various Food Industries in Pakistan

  • Snacks / Cereals / Biscuits
    • Tripple EM (Pvt) Limited Lahore
    • Fauji Cereals
    • Coronet Foods (Pvt.) Limited
  • Flour Mills
    • Supreme Flour Mills
    • Sunny Flour Mills
  • Fruits and Vegetable Processing / Confectionery
    • Shezan
    • Mitchell’s fruit Farm Limited
    • Gujranwala Food Industries (GFI) Pvt Ltd
  • Poultry Processing
    • K & N’s Foods Pvt. Ltd Raiwind
  • Dairy
    • Haleeb Foods limited (HFL)
    • Nirala Dairy Pvt Ltd
    • Engro Foods Limited (EFL)
  • Bread and Bakery
    • Bunny’s Food industries
    • VITA
    • Ramna Food Products PVT. LTD
  • Beverages
    • Coca-Cola Rahim Yar Khan
  • Miscellaneous
    • Rafhan Maize Products Co. Ltd
    • Unilever best Foods
    • Pizza Hut Pakistan


Tripple EM (Pvt) Limited Lahore

Tripple Em (Pvt) Limited Lahore, a leading snack food manufacturing company of Pakistan was established in 1982. First product launched was potato chips with the brand name of “Super Crisp” in 1986 with different flavours. In 1989, the Nimko range was added in the process, which included fried and salted products like peanuts, Almond etc. Owing to the advancement in technology and development in consumer acceptance Company launched extrusion plant in 1995. The extruded product made from this atomized American plant are Gol motol, Wheelo pops, Dino munches, Giggly waves, Catty chins etc. The company is ISO 9002 certified. Company is following quality standards of Snack Food Association of America in manufacturing all of its products to best satisfy the consumers. A strict quality control and quality assurance is followed in inspection and selection of raw material and finished products.

Fauji Cereals

Started its production in 1954 with 68% Fauji shares in collaboration with Quacker Oats England. Started corn flakes production in 1957. Pearl barley introduced in 1960 &porridge in 1964. Only producer of breakfast cereals in Pak. Unique distinction of running for 50 years. Received American Quality Award, international food award, & international leading company award. Export of products has started to England, Afghanistan, Kenya & Newzealand.

Coronet Foods (Pvt.) Limited

EBM (English biscuit manufacture) Limited Karachi is one of the largest biscuit manufacturing organization in Pakistan, that sales biscuit products not only within a country but also in foreign markets therefore it earns valuable foreign exchange for our country. Due to popularity and quality standards, its biscuits demand is increasing day by day and to fulfill these increasing demands, the need of another plant arises and for this purpose “Coronet Foods (Pvt.) Limited” came in to being. It is the subsidiary unit of EBM. It is under the license of English biscuit manufacture Limited Karachi. it is situated in Industrial Estate Hattar, District Haripur. The total area of the factory is about 2 acres. There are about 250 workers and almost 40 staff members. Its first production was started in April 1995.

There are two Plants working in Coronet Foods that are designed by an Italian company IMAFORNI, In the beginning there is only one plant but in 2001, the second plant was installed, which is the most advanced and latest plant in South Asia. The plants are automatic and thus reduce the manual work.

Supreme Flour Mills

Establishment in 1992, located near Molhanwal 22Km, Multan Road, Lahore. This is basically a project of “National Flour and General Mills, Sheikhupura” certified for ISO 9002 . product ranges includes Wheat flour (Maida), Fine, Atta and Bran (Chokar).

Sunny Flour Mills

Sunny Flour Mill is one of the well-reputed flourmills. It is one of the largest milling groups of Pakistan having a capacity of 480 tons per day. It was established in 1964 in 40-N Industrial area Gulberg-2 Lahore. The machinery of this mill has been imported from world leading flour milling machinery manufacturers “BUHLLER”, Switzerland. Sunny Flour Mill is an ISO 9002 Certified flourmill. It indicates that it produces high quality wheat flour that is also exported to various countries like Australia and Hong Kong.Well-reputed multi-national hotels like Pizza Hut, UNO Pizzario Chicago Grill, PC, Avari, KFC, McDonalds prefer to use high quality flour from Sunny Flour Mill. Maida from Sunny Flour mill is used by well reputed bread industries & bakeries like Bunny bread, BP bread, Marry Gold, Dawn bread, Vita bread, Shezan Bakers, Government bakers, International bakers, Cakes & bakes etc. due to its excellent quality. The company was incorporated in a public limited company on October10, 1988 and was listed on the Lahore and Karachi Stock Exchanges during July 1989.


The company was incorporated on May30, 1964 as a private limited concern and initially conceived as a joint venture with Alliance Industrial Development Corporation of U.S.A for processing citrus and other fruits as well as bottling of juices. In 1971 the Shahnawaz Group purchased all the shares of Alliance Industrial Development Corporation with the permission to Pakistan Government and from a joint venture company it became a fully Pakistani owned company. The company has since shown sustained growth in both the domestic and export fields. The company has been steadily expanding its production capacity over the years. In 1980-81 a separate unit was installed in Karachi, which now caters for Karachi, Sind and export demand. A new bottle filling plant was set up in 1983 in the Lahore unit, increasing the capacity five folds. An independent Tetra Brick plant was commissioned in 1987 making the unit leading manufactures with comprehensive range of production in the fruit processing field in Pakistan. The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of juices, beverages, pickles, preserves and flavorings based upon or derived from fresh fruits and vegetables. The company was incorporated in a public limited company on October10, 1988 and was listed on the Lahore and Karachi Stock Exchanges during July 1989.

Mitchell’s fruit Farm Limited

Mitchell’s was incorporated as a Joint stock Company in 1933 by introducing fruit squashes under the brand name of Mitchell’s” Kissan”.In 1947, as a result of emergence of Pakistan, Mitchell’s lost three fourth of its market to India, however the company readjust and carved to a substantial niche in the new country. The Mitchell’s family sold majority of its shares to the Pakistani investor’s in1957. Since then many new chapters have been added to this story. Sophisticated food processing machinery was installed and additional products were added to a growing range of preserves, fruit, drinks, juices, canned fruits, sauces and vinegar. In 1980 came the sweetest chapter of all with diversification on confectionery industry. Soon Mitchell’s confectionery products comprising toffee, Eclairs, hard candy and fruit Bon Bons favor with nationwide. In 1983 Mitchell’s golden jubilee was celebrated with a fan fare and a chocolate bar, appropriately named as “Jubilee” was launched to commemorate the event.In the year of 1994 it was ISO certified. In 2001, Mitchell’s launched moulded chocolate and launched products like gift box of pralines, golden hearts and top milk was accepted by consumer.

Gujranwala Food Industries (GFI) Pvt Ltd

It is an ISO- 9002 certified Company. It was established in 1984 with the installation of bubble gum unit. GFI follows the firm quality standards push ahead in the local and global market with the introduction of innovative products, chew, toffee, sweet balls, jelly and snacks. GFI is always paying attention to exploit the latest technology. Currently GFI is using the American, German and Chinese technology for the manufacture of snacks, bubbles and jellies. The research is focused on product quality, healthfulness, nutritional standards and technological innovation in processing, plant analysis raw material and strict quality control of the finished products are constantly carried out by means of the most sophisticated instruments installed in GFI quality control laboratory. GFI imports its raw material from USA, Brazil, China, and Italy. They import machinery and mechanical instrument from USA, Germany, England, Japan and China. GFI exports its products mainly to Australia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan

GFI is a medium sized industry, chiefly deals in confectionary, snacks. Confectionary comprises of sugar based products. Confections come in a diversity of forms including hard candies, caramels, toffees, jellies, gummies, fudge, nougats, marshmallows, fondants, marzipan and other nut pastes and butters, pressed tablets, chocolates and compounds. Sometimes special components are blended into one item, such as the chocolate bar filled with caramel and nougat, cream-filled licorice or the chocolate or nut piece coated with a sugar-based candy shell.

K & N’s FOODS Pvt. Ltd

It is a marvelous food industry located at Raiwind. It deals with poultry processing. K & N´s Poultry processing is integrated business containing essential components like breeder farms, hatchery, broiler growing farms, feed mill and poultry processing plant. K & N’s is main supplier of eggs in Pakistan and is the biggest poultry industry in Pakistan.Formerly K &N’s foods wasM.ARTAL Poultry Int’l Pvt.Ltd. M.ARTAL was Belgium base. It was registered in Holland. M.ARTAL Poultry processing plant started work on August, 03, 1998. M.ARTAL launched their business projects in south Asia by the name ofARTAL GRANAASIA. Business projects of M.ARTAL in Pakistan were Harry’s bread, Aiwa mineral water, KFC restaurants and poultry processing. Poultry processing was integrated business. But unfortunately their projects in Pakistan were failed. So first they sold Harry’s bread, then KFC, then Aiwa mineral water to Nestle and at last poultry processing project to K & N’s foods on January 2002. Now K &N’s foods poultry processing business is flourishing day by day.

Haleeb Foods limited (HFL)

It was incorporated in 1984 as a Public Limited Company with name Chaudhary Dairy limited (CDL). The head office of HFL is situated at 135 Ferozepur Road, Lahore while the plant is situated at 62 km Lahore-Multan Road, Bhai Pharu. Commercial production started in 1986 & the company reached its breakeven in the year 1992. In the 1993 dry milk powder was introduced in the market in the bulk form. In order to improve its process and the system more visible and to identify the short comings, Haleeb decided to implement the concept of TQM. As an initial step the management opted to acquire ISO 9000 certification. Haleeb became the Pakistan’s 1st dairy company to achieve the ISO 9002 certification in 1997 and achieved Transition to ISO 9001-2000 in April 2003 and also honored as 8th Food Company to achieve HACCP Certification from SGS Pakistan. Company has launched its bottling milk in April, 1999, while TetraFino Packing is started in November, 2000.

Company changed its name in November, 2000 from Chaudhary Dairies Limited to Haleeb Foods Limited. Owing to the diversification into the non dairy food products the name of the company was changed from CDL Foods Limited to Haleeb Foods Limited to clearly define the scope of the company. Company is committed to strict quality standard in all its operations from the collection of milk to the provision of hygienically processed nutritious products to its customers. Company has succeeded in this by continuously improving the quality of its products and by satisfying the needs of its customers.

Nirala Dairy Pvt Ltd

A few years ago Nirala was sweets manufacturer company. Due to public requirements and a unique quality of sweets Nirala group have their operation not over all the country but also out side the country. This is a very big achievement for any company when his business may be exceeding from a country up to other Countries. Because for preparation of sweets there is a too much use of milk, that is why Nirala Group decided to expand their business up to dairy plant. Nirala Group purchase the “Milk Ways” plant premise and renovated it and started their operation with the name of Nirala Dairy.

Engro Foods Limited (EFL)

Engro Foods Limited is subsidiary of Engro Chemical Pvt. Ltd. which is one of the most reputed enterprises in Pakistan with more than 40 years of diversified business operations in the areas of fertilizer and chemicals. It has recently diversified into the foods business and with the successful launch of Olper’s Milk, Olper’s cream and Olwell. Engro Foods Limited has established itself as a major player in the foods business. They believe that the successful first year will take us to our goal: To be one of the biggest players in the food business. Their aim is to dominate the food business, and they said to achieve this we will settle for nothing less than the cream.

EFL has been established in 2005 as part of a diversification process at the Engro Group. The plant located at Sukkur on 23 acre land, has the raw milk reception capability of 300,000 liters per day and UHT milk capacity of 200,000 liters per day. The plant has been established at a cost of Rs. 1 billion which provides direct employment to 750 people. Engro Foods has entered the Food business through milk processing and sale with the company’s vision to pursue growth opportunities based on country fundamentals and own strength. It also positions the company to leverage its corporate social responsibility initiatives and work closely with rural communities to promote integrated farming and livestock development. This effort is expected to play a pivotal role in poverty alleviation and improving livelihoods of the poor in the milk collection areas. Engro Foods will work with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and its three partner organizations to help implement sustainable business models that increase farmer’s profitability and develop a positive social and business climate for growth and expansion of live stock and other forms of value added agriculture.

Bunny’s Food industries

It was established in 1984, and is situated in the kotlakh pat industrial area 85-86s. it is a member of AIB (American institute of baking), a well-known training and research center in the world. It also has snack food association membership. From both these institutes it gets latest technical information and guidance to improve its product. Bunny’s is first bakery and snack Food Company to achieve ISO-9002 certification in 2000 from Moddy International. it ensures that our product is manufactured according to the customer requirement and acceptations. It endeavors to maintain the high quality of the product at all stages of production and delivery from the beginning until the end. Ever since 1984, it has been presenting wholesome nutrition and quality products to its customer. These products are manufactured on modern equipment by highly qualified staff, according to the international standard under strict hygienic condition. It uses high-grade ingredients and advance processing techniques to ensure quality.

It has a well-equipped laboratory and independent quality control department, that is why it say, “ quality is our major ingredient” all the raw and packing material are tested and on prescribed subscription and substandard material are rejected. This department is playing a vital role on maintaining quality and development of new product. Snack food division was established in 1994 with the installation of imported machinery from Japan and America and in this section, company is producing a large range of the products of quality of international standard.


Vita group is owned by the Manji’s, an Ismaili Muslim family, who firmly believe that honest struggle will lead to success. Mr. Muhammad Aly Manji (1927-1995) founded Standard Finis Oil Company at Lahore makers of famous FINIS household insecticides with an equity of Rs. 0.075 million and a workforce of three. He had 50 years experience of business, under his able guidance the second generation of Manji’s entered into the family business after completion of education. In 1978 with a view of diversifying their field of business, Manji’s decided to adopt food as their core business and founded the Vita Group. The group first ventured in the bread business in Pakistan under the brand name of VITA. Beginning with one unit operation, Vita is now one of the leaders in bread industry of Pakistan.

From one unit in 1978 the VITA group now owns thirteen production units and five commercial operations. These are :

  1. Bread & Allied Baking units in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan, Raim Yar Khan and Karachi.
  2. Extruded & Salted Snack Food Unit at Lahore
  3. Flexible packaging and printing unit at Lahore
  4. Fruit juice drink making and packaging unit at Lahore
  5. Biscuit and Wafers units at Karachi & Rahim Yar Khan
  6. Milk & Dairy product producing facilities at Lahore
  7. Baking Industry support/raw material such as Fruit preserves, bread improvers etc production unit at Lahore

Ramna Food Products PVT. LTD

It was established in 1980. It is a general baking unit. In 1984, it was purchased by the present management who continue to own this factory. Ramna Food product is a private Food company. It is situated in 334-small industrial estates Kotlakh pat Lahore. It is managed by a MD and supported by the Board of directors. The company is organized in four sections that are Sales, Production, Commercial and administration.

Coca-Cola Rahim Yar Khan

Coca-Cola RahimYar khan plant is located on KLP-Khanpur bye pass road in the west of Rahim Yar Khan. The plant has four units for the production. It has sufficient area for the storage of empty bottles, which is covered. There are 46 vehicles and 12 forklifts for the transportation of empty and filled bottles.Coca-cola Company RahimYar Khan is the biggest carbonated soft drink “Coke ” plant in Pakistan. It supplies its products to Balauchistan and part of Sindh and Punjab Provinces.There is a Waste Water Treatment Plant inside the factory which has capacity of 60 cubic meter / hour of plant effluents for treatment.


It is located at Kahuta Road Islamabad. The plant was engaged with PCI (Pepsi Cola International) in 1975 and owing an area of about 8 cares. In Haidri Beverages almost daily average production is 75,000 crates. There are usually three production shifts, (8 Hours of each) per 24 hours. Haidri Beverages was awarded with ISO 9002 award for its quality production. Haidri Beverages fulfill the requirements of Rawalpindi,Islamabad,Attock,Murree & Northern areas of Pakistan.

Rafhan Maize Products Co. Ltd

It is situated at Rakh Canal East Road Faisalabad. It started its operations in 1953 as a pioneer corn refining industry in Pakistan. From the relatively modest start, the operations of Rafhan Maize have grown into one of the largest agro-based industries over the last 56 years. Rafhan Maize, the No.1 producer of corn refining products, is an affiliate of Corn Products Inc: USA. Who is one of the world’s largest corn refiners. It produces high quality food ingredients and industrial products derived from the wet milling of corn. Corn products and Rafhan Maize have long and successful history in Pakistan. The journey of strong partnership that started in 1962 reached new heights with the acquisition of 70% equity partnership of Corn Products USA in 1999. During the last 41 years Pakistan continued to remain the focal point for the growth of business in the region and corn products has made investment of billions of rupees to increase the capacity of Rafhan’s plant from 50 tons in 1953 to 750 tons per day.

Rafhan Maize produces high quality food ingredients and industrial products. All these products have leading market position and are being used in more than 50 different types of industries as essential raw material from local resources. Major consuming industries include textile, paper, corrugarion, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, baking, beverage, ice cream, processed food, tobacco, foundry, syrups, squashes, tanning, poultry, cattle feeds, fish feeds and so many other foods and non food industries. Rafhan Maize holds one of the sophisticated laboratories in Pakistan. The center is responsible to develop new products and to modify the existing range to cope with the changing requirements of customers and to over come the functional problems connected with applications of products in diffident industries. Total Quality Excellence is the core of Rafhan’s Business strategy. Certification of ISO-9002 from one of the World’s most reputable and strict bodies is a milestone in its journey towards Total Quality Excellence. Since 1953 Rafhan has been supplying its customer’s constantly high quality products that are produced under the technology provided by Corn Products International having long experience in corn refining business since 1906.With ISO-9002 certification, Rafhan Maize is now in a better position to meet the growing needs of its valuable customers with respect to quality and quantity.

Distinctions :

Ranked one of the top 25 companies listed on Karachi Stock Exchange

1997   Corporate Excellence award from Management Association of Pakistan

1998   Ranked one of the top 25 companies listed on Karachi Stock Exchange

1999   FPCCI Merit Export Trophy

2000   Ranked one of the top 10 Organizations for best practice in Occupational , Safety , Health and Environment by Employer’s Federation of Pakistan

2000   FPCCI Merit Export Trophy

2001   Pak-EPA Award for participation in SMAR- T Programme

Unilever Best Foods

Muno Brothers (Rafi, Hanif and Nisar) established corn-processing unit in Faisalabad. It was founded in share with CPC international. This plant produces industrial goods only. Earlier, both the industrial and consumers goods were manufactured at the same plant in Faisalabad while through out the world industrial goods and consumer goods producing plants were separate from one another. The plant was separated as CPC Rafhan and CPI Rafhan. The farmer as corn products company and the later as corn products international in 1997. Bestfoods upgraded CPC Rafhan in 1998 as Rafhan Best Foods and the plant was transferred to the present place (Pernawan) in the same year. The plant has now been purchased by Unilever international by the end of year 2000. The name of Rafhan Best Foods have been modified to Unilever Best Foods now.

Pizza Hut Pakistan

Pizza hut Pakistan started its operations in 1994. Presently it has a total of more than eight outlets in the country. Pizza Hut, a fully foreign full-service franchise, has plans to open a total of 25 branches in Pakistan by year 2004. During the past year of operations Pizza Hut, sales have grown at around a rate of 22-25 percent per annum. Though Pizza Hut is a full service foreign Franchise, it does not face much competition from other foreign franchises. The entrance of Pizza Hut in Pakistan has changed the trend in food service industry in many ways. As a result of which the four and five-star hotels are worried about their restaurant business as Pizza Hut offers a choice for the people to try out quality food in full service restaurant with an ambiance. It also made many local fast food chains to completely renovate their premises to improve their eating atmosphere, he added.

Pizza Hut is fully owned by Yum Brands, which has franchise rights for the whole of Pakistan and employs over 500 people at all levels. Dining-in-contributes 60 percent to Pizza Hut’s revenues while take-away and deliveries make up 27 percent and 13 percent of the revenue respectively. All Pizza Hut outlets deliver and serve both lunch and dinner between 12 noon to 12 midnights. Pizza hut is satisfied with return on its investment.

While Pizza Hut also serves varieties of Italian food it is primarily identified with a single dish, as its name suggests—Pizza. Strictly complying to the strict hygienic and quality standards of its Principal Yum Brands, the governing body of its organizer which has the final say in the approval of every single ingredient and toppings, Pizza Hut has added local ingredients to maintain the local taste. Apart from regular toppings Pizza Hut has added many local toppings such as Chicken Tikka in addition to local vegetables such as locally grown mushroom in summer—imported canned mushrooms are used when local substitute is out of season. The majority of ingredients including the basic flour, mozzarella cheese, and tomato concentrated, beef and beef pepperoni are all imported to maintain the strict quality standards set by the Yum Brands.


By : Shahid Hafeez Khan


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