Preparation of Mango Pickle


Pickling with the help of vinegar and oils has been in practice from time immemorial. Pickles are prepared with salt, oil vinegar, mixture of salt, oil, vinegar and spices.

There are several kinds of pickles sold in the Indian market. Mango pickle ranks first. Pickles are classified according to the method of their preparation. Vinegar pickles are the most important in foreign countries. Fruit pickles are generally preserved in sweetened and spices vinegar while vegetable pickles are preserved in salt. In India, oil pickles that is pickles which contain some edible oil, are highly popular.


Well developed green mango fruit, salt, sugar, vinegar, oil , cutting knife and spices.

Procedure of Preparation of Mango Pickle:

1. Select under – ripe full development variety of mango.

2. Wash them in water.

3. Slice them longitudinally slices with a stainless steel knife. Discard the stores.

4. Keep the slices in brine solution of 2-3 percent.

5. Make the following quantity of spices:





Mango slices



Common salt powder



Fenugreek ( Whole)

113.40 gm



28.35 gm


Turmeric powder

28.35 gm


Red chill powder

28.35 gm


Black pepper

28.35 gm


Mustard oil

28.35 gm



28.35 gm

6. Roast the fenugreek and Nigella in dry form in a pan.

7. Mix the mango slice with the common salt powder and place them in a glass jar. 
8. Keep it in sun for 4-5 days, till the slice turn pale yellow.

9. Mix the other ingredients with the slices and smear them with a little mustard oil.

10. Pack the pickle in glass or glazed jar and covered with a thin layer of mustard oil. The pickle will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

Important Hints of Preparation of Mango Pickle:

1. Pickles can be prepared without use of oil by adding lemon juice particularly in chilli, carrot, cauliflower, pickles while by adding vinegar in mango, jack-fruit, chilli, cauliflower.

2. Vinegar acts as a preservative in pickles. In order to ensure good result the final percentage of acid should be below 2.

3. Salt acts a preservative in vegetable pickles. Spoilage is prevented adding 15-20 % of common salt. 
4. Lime pickle should consists of 12 % of common salt and 1.2 % acidity.

Source: agriinfo

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