Preparation of Channa / Cheese


1. To know the method of preparation of acid coagulated milk product.
2. To judge the quality of product.

Relevant information:

Channa refers to the milk solids obtained by acid hot milk and subsequent drainage of whey. The acids commonly used are lactic or citric in both natural and chemical form. Channa is largely used as a base for the preparation of variety of Bengali sweets such as Rasogolla, sandesh, Pantoa, Channa. It is a rich source of fat and proteins and some minerals. It is recommended for diabetic patient.


1. Use cow milk to obtain good quality of channa.
2. Do not add coagulant when milk is boiling.

Material required:

Citric acid @ 1 ml of 20 per cent solution of citric acid/lactic acid in one liter of milk piece of clean cloth.


Still karahi / steel degchi
A ladle of Aluminum / steel for removing hot milk from karahi.


1. Bring all the milk to boil by heating directly in the steel karahi over open fire.
2. All the while stir with Khunti and keep at simmering hot (80-82 0 C).
3. Ladle out 0.5 to 1.0 kg of milk into a separate coagulation vessel.
4. Place the coagulant in the coagulation vessel and add the required quantity of milk.
5. Allow the mixture to coagulate completely.
6. Pour the contents in a of clean muslin cloth stretched over another vessel (for receiving the whey).
7. Remove the cloth containing coagulated solids.
8. Tie the solids gently hanging the contents so that there is complete drainage of whey hang up the solids to drain out the whey completely and also to cool the chhanna vat.

                                                Weight of milk used – Wt. of channa obtained
Percent recovery of Channa = ————————————————————

                                                            Weight of milk used
Judging of Chhanna:

1. Colour (Light yellow, whitish).
2. Body (Hard, soft, tough, rubbery sogginess).
3. Texture (coarse, smooth).
4. Flavour (Cooked, acidic, flat, and smokey)


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