Plant Based Nutrients vs Animal Based Nutrients


Many people think that eating solely plant based food is not healthy and are still convinced that meat, dairy, fish and eggs are necessary part of our diet. Often when they learn that somebody is vegan; the immediate reaction is to question how on earth they get their nutrients from plants. Infact eating varied diet containing plenty of fruites, vegetables, nuts and seeds and wholegrains, it is extremly easy  to get all the nutrients we reqired and more goodness besides with added bonus that plant based food contains no saturated animal fats, no cholestrol and none of acidifying effects of animal derived food. It is very easy to get equal, and often better sources of all vitamins, minerals and proteins; that are found in animal derived products, from plant based food.

  • Vitamin A

                   100g of Butter will provide 684mcg of Vitamin A.

                    But an equal weight of raw Carrots contain a whopping 836mcg of same


  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)

                    100g serving of Meat will provide 1.2mg of vitamin B1.

                     But equal weight of Sunflower Seed contains more than 1.9mg of B1.

  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

                     One Egg will provide 0.23 mg of Vitamin B2.

                     But just 100g of Brown Mushrooms contains nearly double at 0.4mg of B2.

  • Vitamin B3 (Niancin)

                     100g of Mackerel will provide 6 mg of Niacin.

                      But 100g of Peanuts contain more than double at 12.9mg of B3.

  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

                      100g of roasted Chicken will provide 0.9mg of Vitamin B5.

                      But just one cup of Soy Milk will provide exactly the same.

  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

                       100g of Beaf Liver provide 1.03mg of B6.

                        But 100g of Roasted Pistachios contains more than 1.7mg of same Vitamin.

  • Vitamin B12

                       A single Hamburger Patty will provide 1mcg of B12.

                       But just one four gram serving- enough for one slice of toast- of Meridian

                       Yeast Extract contains double at 2mcg.

  • Vitamin C

                        100g of Roasted Meat contain 1mg of VitaminC.

                        But 100g of Roasted Soyabin contains more than double at 2.2mg.

                        and just one cup of Strawberies contains an amazing 84.7mg.

  • Vitamin D

                        An adequate amount can be odetained from exposure to Sunlight.


  • Folic Acid (Folate)

                       Two Fried Eggs will provide 50mcg of Folic Acid.

                        But just a half cup of Chickpeas contains nearly three times, 141mcg.

  • Pottasium

                        1 Cane of Tuna provides 407mg of Pottasium.

                         But a single Banana Contain more at 450mg.

                        A 100g of dried Appricots contain a whopping 1380mg of pottasium.

  • Selenium 

                        100g of Pink Salmon will provide 57.2mcg of Selenium.

                        But just 100g of Nuts contains huge 1917mcg.

  • Megnisium

                         125g of Youghurt will provide 18.8mg of Megnisium.

                          But one cup of cooked Spinach contains a lot more at 156.6mg.

  • Zinc

                        100g of Lamb will provide 8.1mg of Zinc.

                        100g of Pumpkin or Sesame Seed contains more at 10.3mg.

  • Iron

                        100g of Beaf Pieces will provide 1.66mg of Iron.

                        But an equal weight  of Dark Chocolate (80% Cocoa Solids) contain 11.90mg.

  • Calcium

                        A glass of Cow’s Milk will provide approx. 300mg of Calcium.

                        But one cup of cooked Coolard Greens contains more at 357mg.

  • Phosphorus

                       100g of Chicken wiii provide 190mg of Phosphorus.

                        But an equal weight of delecious Macadamia Nuts provides same amont.

  • Iodine

                        A half cup of Cottage Cheese will provide up to 60mcg of iodine.

                        But a single sheet of Kombu Seaweed contains double at 150mg.

  • Protein

                        A 100g serving of Sirloin Staek will provide 23.5g of Protein.

                        But an equal weight of cooked Edamame Beans contains more at 39.6g.

                        Half a cup of Tofu contains double the protein of a half cup of Cow’s Milk.

                        (Tofu is totaly free of Cholestrol)

                        Other excelent sources of proteins are Nuts, Beans, Lentils, Wholegrains and                               many vegetables such as Spinach and Broccoli; all of which also provides

                        Dietary Fibers, which is necessary to maintain a healthy body.

                         Animal Derived food contain no fiber.


So there you have in nut shell, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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