Whey Protein Drinks (Lassi) and Shakes

                                       Whey Protein Drinks (Lassi) and Shakes

Whey protein or lassi is the byproduct obtained during coagulation of milk by using acids or rennet or physicochemical processes for the preparation of cheese, channa and casein. Whey contains about half of the milk solids from which it is produced in the form of nutritional component such as lactose, proteins and minerals. Whey protein drinks and shakes have better protein source then egg white protein. It is ideal for lactose intolerance and anyone sensitive to milk products.

Different types of whey based beverages that has been formulated in the last few decades are fruit flavored beverages, milk like beverages, high protein whey drinks. Attempts made in this direction for production of long shelf life, whey beverages have also shown a great potential. It has high biological value. (BV)

Calories, fat and carbohydrates in whey protein drinks (1 cup)

·       Total calories   207

·       Total protein    24.7g

·       Total fat           1.9g

·       Total Carbohydrates    16g

·       Cholesterol      2mg

·       Sodium           118mg

·       Calcium          253.4mg

·       Potassium       351.8mg

Health benefits of whey (lassi) drink

·       Anti aging property

·       Potentially cancer reducing capacity

·       Immune boosting properties 

-Compatible for digestive system


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