Alcoholic fermentation in beer formation

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Alcoholic fermentation is applied for leavened bread and alcoholic beverages. In this process sugars are converted into CO2 and ethyl alcohol. For this process we can use several yeasts but mostly we use saccharomyces genus species such as  S.carolsbergensis and S. cervisiae.

We produce beer from barley. From barley we obtain malt which have activated enzymes from the germination process.

These enzymes are helpful for the breakdown of Strach. In it we add adjuncts if necessary. Then we mashed it to make malt and its adjuncts digest able. Then we filter it and then filtrate is called wort. Then from wort yeast and coarse particles are removed and then young beer is obtained. Then we filled it in bottles and pasteurize it. We can make beer from fruits according tour own taste. Final product contain 3 to 5 percent ethyl alcohol and ethanol also work as a preservative.

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