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Water erosion

A branch of science which deals with the study of soil is called edaphology              according to edaphology I will give you a little information about soil erosion by water. The phenomenon of soil particles removal, transportation and deposition elsewhere is called water erosion.   …

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CHINA SLOWS DOWN APPROVAL OF GMO VARIETIES By Chuck Abbott 4/24/2017 Anna McConnell U.S. officials have prodded China repeatedly for a faster and more open system for deciding whether to approve the import of new GMO crop varieties. China approved only one strain last year, a soybean strain from Bayer’s …

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Organic rice success story

India’s organic rice success story proves that GMOs are unnecessary Thursday, September 29, 2016 by: Daniel Barker One of the biggest – but most easily debunked – lies we’ve been told about GM agriculture is that the technology is necessary to feed a steadily increasing world population. Monsanto and other …

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