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Alcoholic fermentation in beer formation

Bushragull42@gmail.com Alcoholic fermentation is applied for leavened bread and alcoholic beverages. In this process sugars are converted into CO2 and ethyl alcohol. For this process we can use several yeasts but mostly we use saccharomyces genus species such as  S.carolsbergensis and S. cervisiae. We produce beer from barley. From barley …

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Water erosion

A branch of science which deals with the study of soil is called edaphology              according to edaphology I will give you a little information about soil erosion by water. The phenomenon of soil particles removal, transportation and deposition elsewhere is called water erosion.   …

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CHINA SLOWS DOWN APPROVAL OF GMO VARIETIES By Chuck Abbott 4/24/2017 Anna McConnell U.S. officials have prodded China repeatedly for a faster and more open system for deciding whether to approve the import of new GMO crop varieties. China approved only one strain last year, a soybean strain from Bayer’s …

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Organic rice success story

India’s organic rice success story proves that GMOs are unnecessary Thursday, September 29, 2016 by: Daniel Barker One of the biggest – but most easily debunked – lies we’ve been told about GM agriculture is that the technology is necessary to feed a steadily increasing world population. Monsanto and other …

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