Water erosion

A branch of science which deals with the study of soil is called edaphology              according to edaphology I will give you a little information about soil erosion by water.

The phenomenon of soil particles removal, transportation and deposition elsewhere is called water erosion.  

Water erosion have several types as           sheet erosion, Rill erosion, GUlly erosion, Stream and ditch erosion, Landslip.     sheet erosion is a process in which sheet or a layer of soil is transformed from one place to other.

Rill erosion Is a process ln which small channels are formed by water splash of rain drops  .

Advanced form of rill is called gully it is large in size from small channels of rills trenches are formed.

Poor construction of drainage systems, uncontrolled livestock access to stream banks have lead to bank erosion

Landslips occur in sloppy soil lands where moistured soil is present and there large slopes of soil slips down.

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