Pakistan Soil Analysis

Has any soil scientist in Pakistan did work on Calcium:Magnesium Ratio And Cation Balance (%) like Calcium %, Magnesium %, Potassium %, Sodium % etc (Base-cation saturation ratio (BCSR) in our alkaline soils for different crops and in different regions and in different soil types “texture & structure” and developed any prescription or recipe to balance it…….

The traditional method, known as the ‘sufficiency level’, sufficiency level of available nutrients (SLAN), or Index(UK) system. The sufficiency level system is concerned only with keeping plant-available nutrient levels within a well studied range, making sure there is neither a deficiency nor an excess.

In the BCSR system, soil cations are balanced according to varying ratios often stated as giving ‘ideal’ or ‘balanced’ soil. For mangoes & banana @ AAF I want somebody to get done BCSR…..Normally we do SLAN……

Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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