what are round up ready crops?

Roundup ready crops can increase the yield:

Now a days the basic aim of an agronomist, breeders, scientists is:

  • To feed the growing population
  • To keep our environment safe

Weeds are considered as the basic problem in crop production not only in Pakistan but also all over the world and ultimately it causes the less foreign exchange. In maize, approximately 30-35% yield losses due to weeds. The crops which are growing traditionally have required a lot of plant protection and for this purpose different type of herbicide, pesticides are used which causes the environmental pollution as well as also harmful for the crop plant. Roundup ready crops can help to increase the production of crop (especially maize crop) by decreasing the weed production and by controlling the insect pests attack.

The history of agriculture tells that no technology has been quickly and completely adopted by crops as genetically improved crops. The successful crops are those which have resistance. Roundup is a chemical spray, prepared by the Monsanto company, is used to kill the weeds as it contains resistance to glyphosate, which kill all the chlorophyll containing plants. Therefore, roundup spray can only used for the genetically improved verities or on roundup ready crops. The roundup ready crops are genetically modified crops which help to increase yield by controlling weeds.

The first round up ready soybean crop was introduced in 1996, which was genetically improved and resistant to roundup and it helps to control weeds and ultimately it helped to increase the yield.  The term “terminator seed” s referred to roundup ready crop because it produces the sterile seeds. But the seeds of this type can not be reused. Each time of sowing, the new seed is used. In soybean , the new DNA is introduced into food supply involved the allergens. The basic issue is to convert the gene from one organism to another organism. Most of the roundup crops are safely consumed by the human beings as well as by animals. But one roundup crop , alfalfa, has been removed from the market due to some problems.

The roundup spray when sprayed on crops, it may helps in the

  • Reduce crop damage
  • Help to weed control
  • Help to save the environment
  • Try to feed the growing population

But some weeds may become resistant and they are known as “super weeds” ,and these can be controlled by integrated weed management.

In present, the roundup is experienced on the genetically improved maize, cotton and on various other crops. In genetically improved verities, the gene is introduced which allow plant to resist against glyphosate. The introduction of specific organism’s gene into the desired plant helps to born the roundup ready crop.


Round up ready crops helps in the weed control and ultimately helps to increase the yield. Farmers are using these for better production and to earn more. This also helps to increase the foreign exchange of a country. But roundup can only useful for the roundup ready crops. If it sprayed on conventional crop, it will burn all the crops which ultimately causes the huge loss.


Written by: Khadija Tehseen Arshad


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