Ways to Protect Our Environment

environmental-protection-Environmental degradation is one of the serious concerns that the world is grappling with. Global warming, which is due to green house effects is increasing at an alarming rate. The ocean levels are rising and plastic materials are all over. Industrial gases are also constantly being emitted into the environment. All of these factors contribute to environmental degradation. Here are things that we can adopt to protect our environment.

Recycle our wastes

Recycling provides an avenue (for re-use) of the things we have used, by having them converted to other products, or put into other useful functions. These days, almost everything can be recycled, be it paper, plastics, clothing and many more, recycling provides a method of reducing the amount of waste materials that gets to the landfills – thus making it less probable for  environmental pollution to take place.

Don’t burn garbage

Burning garbage emits dangerous gases to the environment and this may lead to global warming. It is important to know that some of the gaseous emissions that occur when garbage is burnt can be very dangerous, and these gases could cause some serious health problems in the long run. Also, making sure that trash is thrown in designated controlled locations helps in ensuring that it is properly managed. If thrown haphazardly, wastes can cause pollution in water, land and air.

Don’t over-use use the air conditioner

Most of the homes today have air conditioners installed. Unfortunately, air-conditioning systems have chlorofluorocarbon which is one of the well known environmental pollutants. If thousands of home owners use their conditioners regularly, there is no doubt that the environment will witness a fairly decent level of pollutants. Instead, you can opt for electric fans – because they don’t emit dangerous gases. An electric fan is reliant on electricity and does not require any kind of a refrigerant to operate.

Plant more trees

Having more green cover helps to keep the amount of dangerous gases at a lower level. A simple gesture such as planting vegetables in your home’s backyard can help add to the available vegetative cover. If every home owner does this, there is no denying that the effect that can be achieved on matters of environmental pollution can be tremendous.  Trees and  other vegetative  cover gives us the oxygen that we breathe – while also helping to absorb carbon dioxide  which is released into the air.

Use eco-friendly energy sources

We get the energy we require for our everyday needs from many sources, but not all of them are eco-friendly. We can help save the environment by using green and sustainable energy sources. Solar is one of the most preferred sources of energy that does not cause pollution to the environment.


Climate change is a serious problem and must be a cause for worry for all of us. If we don’t take good measures to minimize the amount of emissions that get into the environment, the effects of global warming will be amplified and could affect us adversely. Fortunately, the above methods can help us protect our environment from the ravages of global warming.



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