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Summer Vegetables
Tomato, Hot pepper, sweet pepper, Brinjal, Cucumber, Okra, Bottle Gourd, Sponge Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Tinda Gourd, Pumpkin, Arum, Potato, Mint, Turmeric, Ginger, Musk Melon, Water Melon, Sweet Potato & Groundnut are summer crops. The best time of sowing is spring (Feb, March) and they will produce till September, October.
Winter Vegetables
The best sowing time of winter vegetables is September, October and they will produce till Feb, March.
Winter Vegetable includes: Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrot, Potato, Onion, Lettuce leaf, Radish, Turnip, Peas, Spinach, Fenugreek, Beets, Mustard, Coriander, Mint & Garlic

The above mentioned seasons are generally suited for most areas, but there are certain exceptions varying from crop to crop. For example tomato can be grown year around in Karachi or similar areas, but you cannot grow it in those parts of country where frost is certain also there are different varieties for different seasons for example summer Radish variety is different from winter variety.
Early and late sowing can also be beneficial, prepare seedling of spring planting in winter underneath plastic sheets & fall planting in summers underneath shades these crops will provide you off-season vegetables which are otherwise very costly in market.


English NameUrdu NameSowing TimeRows X Rows(inch)Plants X Plants(inch)Yield/PlantFirst Harvest
ArumارویFeb – March2418180 – 200 days
Bitter GourdکریلہFeb – March, June – July36123 kg
Bottle GourdکدوFeb – March, June – July, October36184 kg
BrinjalبینگنFeb – March, June, Nov30182 kg60 -70 days
BroccoliAug –Nov24120.75 kg60 -80 days
Cabbageبند گوبھیAug – Nov24120.75 kg60 -100 days
CarrotگاجرSep – Oct182130 gm60 -80 days
Cauliflowerپھول گوبھیJune – Oct2412850 gm60 -80 days
CelerySep – Oct124100 gm100 – 120 days
CorianderدھنیاJuly _ Nov, Feb -April45 -50 days
CucumberکھیراFeb – July36182.5 kg50-70 days
FenugreekمیتھیSept – Oct
GarlicلہسنSept – Oct8450 gm
GingerادرکFeb – March128
Hot PeppersمرچSept – Oct, Feb.30181.5 kg50-60 days
Lettuceسلاد پتہSept – Oct126
MintپودینہJuly – Nov, Feb -April45-50 days
MustardسرسوںSept – Oct
OkraبھنڈیFeb – March, June- July24181 kg70-90 days
OnionپیازFeb-March, Sep – Oct124100 gm150-180 days
Peasمٹرmid Sep-mid Nov242600 gm50-75 days
PotatoآلوFeb-March, Sep – Oct2481 kg110 -150 days
RadishمولیJuly – Nov, Feb-March182120 gm30-60 days
SpinachپالکJune – Nov50-80 days
Sponge gourdتوریFeb – April, June – July36182.5 kg60-70 days
Sweet Peppersشملہ مرچOct – Nov, February30181 kg50-60 days
Sweet Potatoشکر قندیFeb – March3618700 gm140-150 days
Tinda GourdٹینڈاMarch –April, June- July36181 kg50-60 days
TomatoٹماٹرFeb – March, Sep – Nov30182.5 kg60-70 days
TurmericہلدیMarch –April, June- July361 kg
TurnipشلجمAug – Nov243150 gm60-90 days

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