Past Paper – Agriculture Officer/Farm Manager/Cotton Inspector

  • what is call Wheat inflorescence:  Panicle
  • Soil structure can be improve with the addition of:  Compost
  • When soil surface is protect/cover with residue of a crop, the practice is called? Mulching
  • The science of categorization  called: Taxonomy
  • Grapes nurturing called: Viticulture
  • Tomato is a good foundation of vitamin: Vitamin C
  • Rearing of honeybees is called: Apiculture
  • what is called The artificial elimination of the stamens from flower before they dehisce ? Emasculation.
  • The science of fruit fabrication is called: Pomology.
  • Scirtothrips citric is a pest violent Citrus.
  • Rearing a silk worm known as sericulture
  • Magnifier indicia is a botanical name of ?mango
  • Which of the subsequent is not a fruit? Pumpkin
  • Which one of the subsequent is a good quality source of protein? Pulses
  • The vector of cotton leaf curl virus in Pakistan is known as? White fly
  • In DNA, adenine always pairs with? Thymine
  • Insects have 6 legs and 4 wings
  • Tikka disease is major pathogenic threat in: Groundnut
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has its headquarters situated  in? Rome, Italy
  • Soil salinity can be rectified with? Gypsum
  • Safflower is an? Oil producing plant
  • Banana fruit is classified in the category of? Berry
  • Ploidy level of maize plant is? Diploid
  • Gypsum is affluent source of? Calcium + Sulpher
  • Gossypium hirsutem is the botanical name of?Cotton
  • Olericulture is the study production with? Vegetable production
  • Sorghum inflorescence is panicle
  • Phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase First carboxylation enzyme in c4 plant
  • Barnyard grass is weed of Rice
  • Plants take nitrogen in shape of nitrate and ammonium
  • Photorespiration observe in plants
  • Ks-282 and ks-133 are cultivars of coarse rice
  • Green revolution refers to: increase in production of food due to the introduction of high-yielding varieties
  • Root crop carrot
  • Bread wheat is hexapod
  • Castor bean  oilseed crop
  • Bolting refers to emergence of inflorescence in sugar beet
  • Sericulture is study of silkworm
  • clcv is disease of cotton
  • CIMMYT is in mexico
  • In plants assimilates translocation in form of : Starch
  • Delta of water of wheat is: 16 acre inches
  • Relative proportion of dissimilar soil particles is soil texture
  • Densitometer are use for determination of Darkness.
  • Kajli is a breed of sheep

Saad Ur Rehman Saadi
Saad Ur Rehman Saadi

My name is Saad ur Rehman, and I hold a M.Sc (Hons.) in Agronomy and MA in Journalism. I am currently serving as an Agriculture Officer in the Agriculture Extension Department. I have previously worked with Zarai Tarqiati Bank as an MCO. With my education in agriculture and journalism, I am able to effectively communicate issues that affect farmers' daily lives. In recognition of my community and literary services, I was awarded a gold medal by the government.

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