Wooden cargo vessel at KFH gutted


A big fire at Karachi Fish Harbour (KFH) on Thursday reduced a large wooden cargo vessel to ashes and damaged at least three other under construction boats while two fire-fighters were injured during extinguishing the flames, harbour officials said. 

A newly constructed wooden cargo ship, which was expected for sea-slide in a couple of days, burnt completely to nothing in a big fire despite the fire-fighters struggled for hours to salvage it, they said. “It is early to comment on the fire incident, which is a unique of its kind in the harbour’s history. However, there are some doubts that the incident may be a miscreants’ act,” officials said. 

The fire-fighters who struggled for hours to put out the big flames from a large wooden vessel indicated the fire may be ignited with a combustible material or chemicals, they said. About 15 fire engines of Karachi Port Trust (KPT) and Dockyard took part in the operation that spanned almost several hours, they said, adding that “the pre-dawn fire also largely damaged three other under construction boats”. The destroyed vessel’s cost is roughly estimated about at Rs 70 million, they said, adding that other damaged boats worth million of rupees also lost. “Fire exactly took place at the black-water area of the harbour where the destroyed boat was awaiting close to a sliding ramp for a plunge in the sea,” they said. 

Owner of the destroyed boat-Muhammad Tedi alias Mama Tedi was quoted as saying “I have no enmity with anyone and I have received no threats before the fire incident,” sources said, adding that law enforcers detained two suspects from the harbour for investigation. 

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